Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition (Wii) Cheats

Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.

Command codes

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beating Salazar's right hand easy
When you fall into the suers, salazar sends his "right hand" to dispose of you! you will find the merchant in the suers so buy a rocket launcher and then keep going.
1. just walk straight to the switch that brings the elevator up.
2. try to dodge as many hit from this boss as possible while running straight to the room with the switch.
3. pull the switch and push the button on the door that closes you and the boss. Then the small cinema of the "right hand" will come out.
4. as soon as that is over, run as fastest possible to the nitrous tank and pull it down. (have your rocket launcher ready).
5. as soon as the boss freezes shoot him with the rocket launcher. The explosion will completely destroy the boss and only a piece of the crown will be left.
Leon is close minded sometimes "your right hand comes off", what the heck was he thinking!!!!!!


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Hidden Costumes
Mafia Costume and Knight Costume were PS2 exclusives, because the Gamecube edition did not have them.
UnlockableHow to unlock
No Bomber JacketAfter Leon and Luis are captured in the abandoned house, Leon's jacket is stolen from him.
Tactical VestThis bulletproof vest becomes available from the merchant just before the area with the burning man bursting out of the oven. It equips over his black tee.
Raccoon Police Patrol Uniform, Popstar Ashley & Ada's Black costumeUnlocked after beating the game at least once.
Mafia Costume & Knight CostumeBeat Separate ways, which is unlocked after beating the game once.
Leon's Ninja Costume (2012 Capcom Extra Costume)Beat Assignment Ada 2 Times, Beat main game on proffesional. Then last Beat the Mercenaries with all 5 star rankings.
The truth of the guns...
there has been much controversy about how to get certain guns and im here to straighten things out...
UnlockableHow to unlock
Chicago Typewriterto unlock the truth is you MUST play seperate ways after beating the game once.
Infinite Launcherplay the main game once through
Handcannonget 5 stars on all levels with Leon, Ada, Wesker, Krauser, and H.U.N.K
Matildaplay main game once through
P.R.L 412(Laser gun)play main game once through on professional mode
Unlockable Mercenaries Characters
Meet the following requirements to unlock additional characters for The Mercenaries minigames
UnlockableHow to unlock
Ada WongEarn a four-star rating or better in the Pueblo Village map.
Albert WeskerEarn a four-star rating or better in the Waterworld map.
HUNKEarn a four-star rating or better in the Base map.
Jack KrauserEarn a four-star rating or better in the Castle map.
Unlockable Mercenaries Costumes
Select the character you want to unlock a new costume for on The Mercenaries character select screen, then enter the following button sequences
UnlockableHow to unlock
Ada (Assignment Ada outfit)Hold [+] button then press A
Ada (Separate Ways outfit)Hold 1 then press A
Leon (Gangster outfit)Hold [+] button and 1 then press A
Leon (Jacket outfit)Hold [+] button then press A
Leon (RPD outfit from RE2)Hold 1 then press A


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Ammo Saving
Running out of ammo is one of the most annoying things learn to conserve.
1. Shoot enemies in the head or the knee and then run up and kick them. This is effective agaisnt large groups of enemies as your kick should hit most of them if they are next to each other.
2. Shoot enemies in the foot or lower leg to make them fall over, then run up and knife them.
3. Stand at the top of a ladder and keep slashing your knife at the top of the ladder, this will make enemies fall and most will die after 3 falls.
4. Never reload your guns if your coming to a merchant. Tune up the capacity on your weapons and you will get free ammo.
5. Use guns efficiantly against enemies. If there is a large group of enemies dont shoot them one by one with a pistol, use the shotgun to take most of them down.
Beat Salazars' bodyguard easily!
When he appears and gets close, knock over a canister of liquid nitrogen, then blast him to pieces with an explosive weapon. Make sure you have one on you!
Boss Tips
1. Dr Salvador (Chainsaw Dude). When he gets close use a shotgun to knock him over. Or go through the window in the house where you pick up the shotgun and run around to where you find a spinel. Just stand there and aim at the corner and shoot anything that comes round.
2. Del Lago (Big Fish). Make sure you avoid the debris in the water and when he pops out of the water. Apart from that just harpoon it
3. El Gigante (Troll). Constantly fire your TMP at his face (if you freed the dog at the start he will help distract it) and when it bends down run up to it and cut the thing on its back, DONT SHOOT IT, its quicker if you slash it.
3. Cheif Mendez. Throw an incendiary grenade at him instantly, then back up a bit and waste his spine with your TMP. Use the shotgun on him when he is hanging on the beams and if you knock him off throw a grenade at him
4.Salazars Bodyguard. Knock over the canisters when he is next to you and use the Broken Butterfly or the mine thrower on him. Dont waste a canister otherwise you cant kill it(and you wont get a piece for the crown). Kill it and the elevator automatically arives
5.Ramon Salazar (Midget Pirate). IMPORTANT!!! Keep the rocket launcher you find in the glass case up until Salazar. Then just use your TMP on the plant's eye until Salazar appears then just fire the rocket launcher. Hardest Boss becomes easiest!
6. 'It' (crazy ass monster thing that knocks you on to the containers) Drop all the containers as quick as you can. Try and not waste ammo on the creature, if you have to fight it just shoot it in the head with TMP or Broken Butterfly or Killer7. When it climbs up the mountain and you have to fight 'It' on the ground just use Broken Butterfly or Killer7, and make sure you hit it in the head. Also use the exploding barrels that are somewhere.
7. Jack Krauser. Use your TMP straight away. Dont let him use grenades as you have to constantly dodge. When he comes to knife you, use your shotgun. He will use a flash grenade and dissapear. He is hiding behind one of the 4 bits of wall after you go through a metal gate. He will then dissapear to the roof of the building that is across the bridge, use your rifle to shoot him as he uses a bowgun.He will then go to 1 of 2 places. Either behind the building he was on top of, or where the first insignia is. He will then go to a pillar down by the door that requires the 3 pieces but he doesnt attack you. He will then go up to where the final insignia is and then you have to fight him. But he has crazy mutant arm so you will be doing alot of dodging. Simple trick is shoot him in the head with TMP then waste him with a magnum
8.Lord Sadler.Buy a Rocket Launcher TMP one of the eyes to make him fall over then use a rocket launcher. This will trigger a cutscene of ada dropping the rocket launcher special. Go pick it up and wait for Sadler to cum close then just fire it at him.

Hope these help... if there is a boss i missed, sorry, tell me and i will write a tip.
Ditman Glitch
The Ditman glitch is great for speed runs, it will allow Leon to perform all actions 1.5-2 times the normal speed. To activate:
  • Select the 'Striker' as a weapon
  • Aim and Quickly open the Inventory, before the weapons laser appears
  • Select another weapon in the Inventory
And there you have it.

N.B. The glitch will need to be re-activated if you take a hit or open a door.
Easy way to kill chainsaw people with KRAUSER
When you go To play as Krauser you will be shooting people with your bow and arrows. When the chainsaw people come their gonna give you a hard time so use Krausers Special Arm to slash right through them. But if you cant use it yet then run and find arrows to shoot them.
Exclusive upgrades for weapons
Here are all the exclusive upgrades in the game:

Handgun: 5x chance of critical headshot

Punisher: can penetrate 5 targets in a row

Matilda: 100 bullet capacity

Red9: 6.5 firepower

Blacktail: 3.4 firepower

Shotgun: 8.0 fire power at all distances

Riotgun: 10.0 firepower close range

Striker: 100 shell capacity

Rifle: 18.0 firepower

Rifle Semi-auto: .80 seconds firing speed

Broken Butterfly: 50.0 firepower

Killer7: none

Handcannon: 99.9 firepower and infinite ammo

TMP: 1.8 firepower

Minethrower: 6.0 firepower and homing mines

those are all the exclusive upgrades in the game.
When your fighting the knights use a shot gun and shoot them in the head.
Krauser Easy kill
When you fight Krauser Shoot his feet with a shot gun then he will crouch down then use a knife on him repeat this and he will die really quick.
Need money for upgrades?
A good way to get money early on is selling Bass. After you defeat all the Ganadoes in the Sky Village, you go into an underground area. Before the exit of this area is a ladder leading to a small pool of water. You may be tempted to use a gun, but use your to kill the fish here and sell them to the merchant back at the entrance to the Sky Village. By using your knife your conserving ammo and by selling the fish, you get quick pesetas for upgrades. Bass can also be eaten to restore health, but a Bass is worth 750pts, compared to a green herb worth 500pts.

There are also Bass after crossing the Del Lago lake, however you have to shoot them and use the motorboat to retrieve them. The scope on the rifle makes them easier to spot in the stormy waters.
save ammo
A good way to save ammo is to shoot an enemy in the leg. Make sure they don't fall over. If they go down on one knee go close to them and you should be able to suplex them which kills them.
Note this doesn't kill them if they have a metal head.
Shooting Efficiency
Headshots Are Efficent But You Need To Be Close To Do A One Shot Kill. Also Aim For Their Feet And Legs It Will Knock Them Over And Gives You A Chance To Kick Them.
Super Easy Salazar Boss Fight
If you were smart enough to save the free rocket launcher from the castle this fight will be lickety split.

First shoot the eye with your shotgun, only takes 2 shots if you've powering it up and have good accuracy, and his true form (weak spot) will emerge, now shoot his true form with the rocket launcher, ta dah! He's dead and you get 5000 pts.
To kill these easyily and conserve ammo was for me to save a few gernades and then when it approches you pop it in the head with a shotty and it should fall then either throw a fragmentation gernade or an incendry and it should fry the plagus.

Conserve ammo
Remember you do have a knife. So at the start of the game mainly cut knee-caps then kick them. Although i will advise please do not do this on any mini boss i.e Dr.Salvador, Graidor,ect.

Hunk Help
Also in the village mecenary if you have unlocked HUNK and are haveing difficulties remember his necksnap ability. When the bella-sisters arrive shot a short busrt of TMP ammo into their faces and the run up and neck snap

Krusers Arm tip in the main game
When he has his arms covering his face shoot his feet with the shotgun.

Hope these help.
Tips for everybody in mercenaries

The village:

Leon, this is to easy for leon, as any stage, use the shotgun to blow the heads of the villagers and try to collect all the bonus time and the 3 30 sec x 1000, it will help a lot, now go to where Leon enters the village in the main game, by now the bella should appear, the trick is to aim for their heads with the shotgun quickly and aslo try to finish them off in the ground with the Black Tail, repeat and heal as needed.

Ada: this is aon other easy stage for Ada Use the TMP to kill most of the villagers, aslo collect all the timers, and keep killing villagers, when you enter on the little house collect the timer, and go aand collect all the other 2 timers, next if have killed in off villagers the bella should appear, now run to the Barn, and go up stairs, now wait until the bella are in the barn + a few viallgers, now blow the barrel, and as soon as one bella stands up shoot at her head, heal as needed.

Hunk, this only half bad for hunk, mainly do not use neckbreaker, instead, try to have HUge amounst of people chasing yu and after once gain you have all the timers, use a few Hand Greandes in order to blow them off to the other world, when the bellas appear, just full their faces with TMP and hand Grenades, aslo i recomend cntrolled burst shoots to kill evrything (remember barn strategy).

Wesker: The one who has the toguhest of all time is wesker himslef, 1st be sure to appear near the church collect the timer, evade the enemies, and run up to he small house, collect the timer and the specila timer in order to easily gain advantage here, now in the barn with stair (thats the same for all the other characters) climb and grab the killing timer, draaw the killer 7 and start making a mess, now when the bella appear, trow a Hand grenade, wich will blow evrything+ increasing yer score a lot, since you till should have specail killing timer, now after all this you should have about 2 to 3 minustes extra just survive.


Leon: run up where to wood barrels are, kill a few enemies, and blow the red barrel when there are a group of enemies near of it, now open the door, and keep killing the enemies, here quicly run where the cannon was on the history mode, and kll the enemies, now a group of zealots should be triying to reach shotgun them all and kill the enemies when you are running up stairs, now grab the timer, and the special killer timer, kill evrything between this room, now kick the door, watch out for the shield Zealots, quickly kill thenm and kick the door open, now you are on the last area, those are good news, why?, because here the nemies wiall keep respawning giving you the oportunity to score multiple kills, but DO NOT ENTER ON THE DOOR, it will relasea garrador, something that you wont want to deal with, finally heal as needed and you should ern at least 60.000 points.

Ada: TMP all the way, use the TMP to kill all the enemies on 1st area by the barrels grab the timer, and blow the red one keep ascending while you kill enemies, and go once gain where the cannon was, keep healing your self, and grab aslo the special killing timer+ the normal timer, once you get to where i toldl you as lion, keep using the tmp to score a lot, survuve the 2 minutes that you need.

Hunk, this is easy cake for hunk, grab always TMP Ammo, all the timers, and aslo keep aming for the head, now you should be in the same area that i told you to get as lion, keep your killings hign in off and this is a piece of cake.

Wesker: just grab the timers, and keep using the K 7 to score more than in off points for the 60.000.


Leon: Again an other easy one for Leon, use the shotgun and try to be at the watch for the 4 JJ that papear here, use the shotgun on their heads to kill them in an easy way, remember tons of healing, aslo be aware, of the rocket Launchers of the Comandos, finaly use the tunnels and barrels to score easly, and keep grabing the timers.

Ada: FOr Ada thsi is Her stage, just use the TMP to kill the soldiers, and then the incendiary grenades, to dealy them, when you find a JJ use the Sniepr rifle to kill them easily, remember keep healing yourslef and remeber to kill as many JJ you can keep killling enmies to make high chains and high scores.

Hunk: Easy stage for Hunk, abuse of the hand grenades , and keep using controleld burst fire of the TMP in order to keep the chain goin upwards, now for the JJ just use a couple of Hand Grenades, and TMP on the head to quicly kill them.

Wesker: USe the K7 to socre high keep grabing the timers as always, fot the JJ use the Sniper rifle to quick kills.

Water World:

Leon use the shotgun as always, now when you get to the 30 enemy strike, go to the house that has a stair in the dock and plataform, now BE SURE TO HAVE FULL SHOTGUN AMMO, you should see super DR Salvador, aim to the head and shoot him to death it will take between 7 to 8 bulles to kill him, the are worth !0.000 points, now keep abusing of the shotgun and when you get to the 2nd 30 enemy streak, go to the plattaformlesss house there should be the last Super Salvador, , repeat as before to kill him, now keep grabing those juic timers and the special ones too to score high in off. Ada: TMP until DR salvador use the sniper rifle and after a few shootos he will fall, keep grabing the timers, and finally, when the 2nd one appear repeat.

Hunk: use the TMP to kill the nemies and grab the timers, now go to the same place that i mentioned you as Lion , and aim to the head of that Super Salvador fill his head of bullets to kill him, aslo like lion try to not miss or you will pay it high.

Wesker: Use the K7 to score high now the 1st salvador will appear, quickl use that sniper rifle to kill him, repeat as well with the 2nd one, and keep using the K7 with Large groups.

now for the Last character Krauser:

thsi strategy is for all the stages, abuse of his Aroow and GReandes, for quickly making the bosses appear, now whn they are with the LArge group, put yourself in corner, and Fire away that mutant Arm of his to quicl make a hihg chain.
trapped in a cabin
when fighting along side luis in the cabin do not shoot him to much or he will kill you.


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Ashley Doesn't React
Normally when you look up a ladder at Ashley, presumably to see her panties, she gets angry and holds her skirt down. Well I found a ladder where she doesn't do this and you can actually see her panties. xD Though I'm not a prevert nor lesbian, I just like to poke fun at Ashley.

If you bring Ashley to the cave beyond the tram ride and have her climb the ladder inside but don't catch her below. If you look up theres no reaction, where she normally would.

My guess is because its such a tall ladder, or because the programmers didn't expect the player to bring Ashley into such a dangerous area.
Krauser is a Retard
When first fighting Krauser on the Island run straight for the house to your front. Run i there and climb up the latter in front of you. Next go to the opposite side from where you climbed and stand in the corner. Krauser will jump up. Do not fear for after a mere 5 seconds he will jump down the latter and then jump up again. Shoot him when he comes up not when he jumps down though for it will not hurt him.
Outside Map (Sewers)
When in the sewers with the Novisators. Go and turn the valve to release the water pressure then go back and don't jump down yet though! Instead walk over to the right and turn slightly until you can still jump down but it seems like you can't. Keep turning and jump! It will look as if nothing happened until you walk towards the wall to your right! You can then go inside! You might need a grenade for the next few tips.
Tip 1: You can get stuck outside the map. Don't panic though just walk to your right then forward.
Tip 2: You can go up the stairs, just aim your grenade and turn the camera to the left. next stop aiming and walk up the stairs. Be Warned though if you go to far to the left you will go back inside the sewers.
Tip 3. If you do Tip 2 correctly to the point where the stairs turn right, if you turn Leon all the way around he will get stuck in the corner. Try running and Leon's feet will kick is head.

Easter eggs

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Eggs have second use
You can use the eggs as weapons.
Ganado Wearing Leon's Jacket
Playing Separate Ways when you return to the village, after seeing Luis and Leon carried off, you are attacked by ganadoes again. But there is a familiar looking one in the bunch, who is wearing Leon's Bomber Jacket.
Holy Cow!
If you stand near the cows head, in the village, and stab it, it will actually headbutt Leon!
Leon is sleeping
I don't know if this glitch might only be in my game because no one bothers to mention it, but when you press the + button or start, and you look closely at Leon; you'll see his eyes are closed. So that;s how he get his rest.
Professional mode tips
1.Keep buy rocket launchers for boss figts and the regenerators.
2.If you see a medi spray on field take it unless it is beside a merchant then just buy to from the merchant then take it.
3.Upgrade empty guns capacity for free bullets.
4.Reload before each area.
5.Master using knife example if there is an enemy on floor slash them quickly.
6.Use your knife to open crates and barrels.
7.Use flash grenades on exposed parasites it will kill them instantly.
8. Keep moving and taking cover.
9.It gets near impossible right at the end but make sure you have a rocket launcher before you fiht the final boss.
10.Use your head and good luck.
Really easy way to kill the final boss on all modes
All you need to kill him is PRL Laser You dont even need to charge it and hes dead. You obtain this gun after finishing profesional mode its not easy... But when you have this bad boy even professional mode wont last three hours.
Separate Ways, Village Treat
When playing Separate Ways Chapter 1 as Ada, it's possible to have Leon running around the Village, being chased by Ganados.

To get this cute lil' easter egg, simply run to the ENTRANCE of the village AFTER Leon barricades himself in the house that has the shotgun inside of it. Have Ada pick up the stuff near the door (should be a Spinnel and shotgun Ammo), and turn around. Do not move until you have cleared a visual path between yourself and the fire in the middle of the village (this is best done by killing all the Ganados approaching you).

Once cleared, you may then approach the fire to see Leon running across the village being chased by several ganados, who will stop chasing him and begin harassing you. This can likely be done in other parts of the village, but it's easiest to do as I've described. Have fun with this little treat <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
You all know Leon can kick, right?
But did you know he can do a suplex? I discovered this in the fire-room in the castle.

Shoot an enemy in the knees, and make sure they are kneeling or it won't work right. Quickly run over to them and press A, it should say suplex instead of kick.

If you don't know what a suplex is: Leon grabs the enemy by the neck and smashes his head on the ground after flinging him backwards.


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Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to unlock Professional mode, the "Extras" menu (with "Bonus", "Separate Ways", "Assignment Ada", "Mercenaries", and "Movie Browser" options), "Wii Edition credits" option (in the "Bonus" menu), Infinite Rocket Launcher, Matilda, and alternate of costumes for Ashley, Leon, and Ada."

Successfully complete the game under the Professional mode to unlock the PRL 412 weapon.

Successfully complete Separate Ways mode to unlock Ashley's armored knight and Leon's suit alternate costumes.

Successfully complete Assignment Ada mode to unlock the Chicago Typewriter weapon.

Successfully complete Mercenaries mode with all characters with a five star rank to unlock the Handcannon weapon.
Del Lago eats you on land!!! WOW
If you shoot the water enough from the dock that has the boat that you face Del Lago from, it will pop out of the water and eat you. By the way, when you get eaten, you will die.
Hat tricks
After you unlock Leon's Mafia outfit and get the Chicago Typewriter, equip both on him.IF you have noticed, when you "reload" Leon will adjust his hat.Do that four times and he will throw his hat in the air, catch it and do a pose.
Hidden cinematics:
There are two hidden cinematics accessible at the title screen. One can be accessed by remaining idle at the main menu until it starts. The other can be seen by pressing B on the Wiimote at the same menu.
Hint: Open doors faster:
Tap A(2) when the "Open" command appears by a door to kick it open quickly. Doing this will also damage any enemies behind the door at the time you kick.
Mercenaries: Bonus characters:
Get a four star or higher rank in the indicated Mercenaries mode level to unlock the corresponding character in Mercenaries mode.

Ada Wong: Pueblo
Albert Wesker: Waterworld
Hunk: Island
Jack Krauser: Castle

Note: It will be different for every game.
Reduce ammo useage
On nomral mode you WILL run out of ammo fast, to reduce the amount of ammo you use. Shoot an enemy in the knee which either makes them fall or stuns them, then knife them whilst they're on the floor or kick them.
TRUE WAy to unlock the chicago typewriter in the main game.
Most of people has the things mixed up, beating separate ways unlocks a special suit outfit+ the chicago for the main game, beating assignement ada only unlocks it for the Separate ways mode.
Unlocking new clothes
you can unlock new outfits for leon and ashley. the outfits for leon are a cop outfit. and when you beat with the cop outfit you will unlock a pimp outfit and the cool thing about is when you have the typewriter you reload about three times and then leon throws his hat up and then shoots his typewriter. and ashley and unlock a knight outfit when bad guys pick her up they drop her because her armor is so heavy and when people shoot her it doesnt hurt her so life is easier for you