Resident Evil 2 review
One of the best PSX gets ported to the PC... is it worth it?


Story (9/10):

The story is based around two people... Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy. Claire is on her way to Racoon City in search of her brother Chris (from the first RE) and Leon is the new RCPD (Racoon City Police Dept.) Recruit. On arrival at Racoon City, Claire stops off and goes into a Cafeteria and while this is happening Leon is driving along and stops in front of a guy lying on the road. He gets into some trouble and runs towards this door and Claire gets into some trouble in the Cafeteria and runs toward a door as well, she then turns around and Leon is pointing a gun and her and he shouts out Get down and caps a zombie. They then both jump in a car, get attacked by a zombie and crash the car jump out before a truck hits the car and then get stuck on each side of the car. This is where the game begins. Well that was a very vague summary of the Intro but you truly have to see it to believe it.

Gameplay (9/10):

This version is very similar to the RE2: Directors cut PSX version. For those who havent heard of RE2 there are two scenerios, one for Claire and one for Leon. So basically if you play with Claire the first time through then you play with Leon (or vise versa). This does affect each other as if Claire picks up all the ammo and weapons then Leon will be left with Nothing so you have to save your ammo. A very good idea brought forward by Capcom!

Graphics (7/10):

Well the graphics are that good to tell you the truth. Sure the characters and enemys look good with 3D acceleration but the pre-rendered background is very blury and blocky and does the game no-justice. Other then that flaw the CG movies are beautiful and the game oozes style.

Control (7/10):

The control is the same as all Resident Evil games but on a PC that's a different story. The game is even harder to control with a keyboard and you _must_ use a gamepad to get as close to the controls of the Playstation version.

Sound (8/10):

Exactly the same as the PSX version but this time you can hear the mumbles of zombies and the caws of the crows through your PC speakers

If you don't have a Playstation and wish to play one of the best games then buy it for the PC. If you had to choose between PC or PSX, get the PSX version.

Buy/Rent? Rent first the Buy if you like!

Story - (9/10)
Gameplay - (9/10)
Graphics - (7/10)
Control - (7/10)
Sound - (8/10)

Overall - 8/10

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