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Resident Evil 2!!!

The good:

Alomost everything, the graphix has definatly been improved, the weapons rock and so does the story line.

The bad:

This game was pretty easy to complete, but other than that nothing else.


This game is the best resident evil I have played, the graphix is brilliant and when you kill zombies the blood and wounds look realistic and are very detailed.
This game has a good story line that was fairly easy to complete but I had a strategy guide so what do u expect. The weapons are also brilliant although even the most powerful don't seem to kill the bosses quick enough.
I would definatly recomend this game to anyone who likes horror and puzzle solving games. I would recomend that you buy a stratagy guide, if you are thinking of purchasing this game, I don't think I could have complet...


One of the best PSX gets ported to the PC... is it worth it?


Story (9/10):

The story is based around two people... Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy. Claire is on her way to Racoon City in search of her brother Chris (from the first RE) and Leon is the new RCPD (Racoon City Police Dept.) Recruit. On arrival at Racoon City, Claire stops off and goes into a Cafeteria and while this is happening Leon is driving along and stops in front of a guy lying on the road. He gets into some trouble and runs towards this door and Claire gets into some trouble in the Cafeteria and runs toward a door as well, she then turns around and Leon is pointing a gun and her an...

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