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Rent a Hero FAQ/Walkthrough Part 2/2

by H2   Updated on
Rent A Hero No.1 for Dreamcast JP
Complimentary FAQ
By H2 (
Created 7/25/01
Modified 7/30/01

This FAQ is not a standalone FAQ.  It completes the unfinished Rent A
Hero No.1 FAQ written by J.T. Kauffman & Ben Judd (available on by giving walkthroughs for the final four jobs.
Because I originally planned to append this FAQ to theirs, you will
find that it is written in similar format.  The final four jobs are
preceded by a small Battle Tactics section that will help you fight
more effectively.

/_Quick Battle Tactics________/

"Infinite Chains"
Fighting isn't too hard, but it can be made very easy by using the
3-punch "infinite."  Players familiar with beat-'em-ups already know
this one.  Once Rentalman gets a 6 hit combo from Segasa, you can
just do the first three hits of the combo over and over again, pausing
only to let the combo sequence reset.  It works especially well when
your enemy is stuck at a wall so that he can't dodge your attack.

Example: Rentalman is fighting a thug.  Set your combo to a six hit.
Run up to the thug and press X three times in rapid succession to do
your first three hits.  Pause and let the thug reel slightly.  Your
combo counter will be at three. Press X three times again.  You'll do
your first three hits again and you'll notice the combo counter will
say six hits.  Repeat the process on the thug until he's dead.

This method will let you rack up many 20+ hit combos, and even some
in the 60+ hit range.  It can be done with single jabs alone, but
this is harder to do and not really worth it.  Note that on some
enemies, particularly certain bosses with fast counterattacks, it
will be better to just finish your combo than attempt infinites.

There is a wonderfully loose juggle system that lets you juggle
enemies on and on.  All you need to do is launch an enemy (most
Charge 1 attacks launch and some Combo finishers) and then hit them
with whatever.  Light enemies will launch higher and can be juggled
with Combos.  All enemies can be juggled off of the ground forever
and ever.  A good method for fighting enemies is to just constantly
OTG juggle them with a Charge 1 launcher until you lose track of them.

Example: Have Charge 1 Double Hammer.  Hit the enemy with Double
Hammer.  Run after their flying body.  When their body hits the
ground, use another Double Hammer.  Repeat.

Naturally, you can be more creative and use Charge 3's after Combo
launchers or juggle with a mix of Charge 1 and 2 attacks.

"Attack Interrupt"
This is similar to popular Fighting Vipers 2, DOA2, and MvC2 mashing
techniques.  Whenever you are getting hit, quickly mash the attack
button and you might be able to counter your enemy in between their


/_Job 23: The Battling Brothers______/

Last job listed.  Head over to Mrs. Chashiru's (the rich lady's
house in your Kohjya neighborhood) as Rentalman and then go up the
right hallway.  Mrs. Chashiru will tell you that her two sons are
always fighting and request that you help them make peace with
each other.

Go to Macrosoft in Dahane.  It's a pinkish building near the path
to Makasa.  As Rentalman, go up to the second floor to see the
President of Macrosoft and Chashiru's son: Hodge.  Hodge will give
you some juice and will tell you how to use it to pull a little
prank on his brother Genma.  Stroll over to the building right next
to Macrosoft, Akari Publishing.  Go up to the second floor to speak
with Akari's President and Chashiru's other son: Genma.

Genma will drink the juice, and as you are leaving, he will run to
bathroom to pee.  Go talk to him again and you will see a gorgeous
closeup depicting the results of Hodge's prank.  Genma will be
pissed (but he just went?) and hand you an equally gorgeous photo
of Hodge.   Head back to Macrosoft and talk to Hodge to show him
the gorgeous photo.

Now Hodge is angry, too.  He'll phone up his brother Genma and the
two will start arguing.  Apparently, this is all about some
girl friend trouble the two are having.  It seems like they're going
after the same girl, but neither wants to admit it and they even call
her different names!

You and Hodge will go outside to face Genma, who is accompanied by...
Urusaraman?!  It's showdown time.  Hodge and Genma match the Rent
A Heroes against one another, with the prize being the girl they're
arguing over.  Finally, a chance for Rentalman to give that big
balding bastard Urusaraman the beat down he deserves!!!

You and Urusara will fight, and it technically doesn't matter who
wins.  Once one of you is nearly defeated, Rent A Hiroko will come
in and tell you two to stop fighting.  After the beating he took
(you did beat him, right??), Urusaraman will walk away.

With no more fighting Rent A Heroes, Hodge and Genma will grapple
each other.  Leave them and go back to their mother in Kohjya.
She will tell you that Hodge's girlfriend, Lemon Sweet, is in

Go to the residential area of Anamoina.  The second to last house on
 the right side, with the old man standing in front, is Lemon's
house.  Go in as Rentalman and you will update Lemon on the
situation.  Lemon tells you that she's knows Hodge but she's never
even met Genma before, so how could they be fighting over her?  Then
she calls April.  April is her twin sister... who knows this guy
named Genma.  Hmm... that might just have been the problem.

Go back to Dahane and talk to the brothers again.  The twin sisters
arrive, all the confusion is cleared up, and you can go back to Mrs.
Chashiru in Kohjya to pick up your pay.  But it ain't over yet.

When heading back home as Rentalman, a woman and her two cronies
confront you.  The woman will introduce herself as Amanda and ask
you if you like "this kind of girl" (referring to herself).  Please
say "no" to this.

You will fight them.  You've got to beat all three of them, but the
three-punch infinite will own them.  They'll run off after defeated.

 /_Job 24: Stop the Robot______/

Last job on the list.  Run over to Ohtory.  You will see Urusaraman
get beaten by a big green robot.

Remember that super-powerful robot the Nomura president and scientist
were talking about?  Well, it was a lie.  This robot is a wuss.
Fight the robot.  Murder him by forcing him into the wall and then
three-punch infinite him to death.  You can also take advantage of
the robot's huge size by OTG juggling him forever with a Charge 1

After depleting most of the robot's energy, it will flee.  Walk back
to Kohjya and say "yes" to help the man there.  He will tell you
about a suspicious green truck.

You might want to give Mr. Segasa a visit and see if he has anything
new to teach you now.  Fight him until he has no more to teach.
(Note: I personally keep my combo set to the second 6 hit, because
the range of the first three attacks let it infinite effectively and
the last kick hits multiple opponents)

Take the subway to Dahane.  You will be interrupted by a quick cut
scene, and then talk to Rent A Green.  Now go to Makasa and run all
the way to the end area to find a green truck locked up behind a
fence.  Surprise surprise, it's right next to a Nomura Chemicals
building.  If you talk to the Nomura guard, he will deny any robot
and call you an idiot.  Stupid porn freak.

Nearby, Rent A Green will be waiting.  While talking to him, the
Nomura Pres and his bodyguard will go to enter their building.  Go up
 and talk to the Pres and agree to let him show you the inside of the
building.  Inside, there's no robot in sight, so the Pres tells you
to buzz off.

Go back to Rent A Green and the two of you will make a little plan to
 get past the building's guard and have a more thorough look around.
Talk to the guard and Rent A Green will sneak up behind to give him
the good ol' Rent A Spine Break.  Once inside the building, examine
the right wall and you will find a secret room.

Go in and you will fight that robot again (with no help from Green
but with Hiroko as an audience) and then the police will arrive.
Talk to Zenikase to get your pay.  A little cut scene between that
Amanda bee'yotch you beat up and the robot scientist will occur.
Oh no *sarcasm*; they're teaming up.

 /_Job 25: Urusaraman Rampage______/

Last job on the list.  At the Imoyo Department store in Dahane
(building where you do hero show) you will find that the jewelery
store has been broken into... by Urusaraman!  Talk to everyone, and
as you leave the store, a policeman will run in and tell you that
Bishibashi Bank (still in Dahane) has been robbed... by Urusaraman!
Go there, talk, leave, and then another policeman will tell everyone
that the Dahane Police Station is under attack... by Urkel!  I think.

Once in the police station, beat up any thugs you don't like and
then go down the stairs to the jail cells.  Fight some more and then
go through the doors with the white labels.  You'll run into
Urusaraman and a thug.  While Urusara runs off, the thug will take
that P drink and you'll have to beat him down.  After the fight, go
up to the second floor to find Urusara in the chief's room.  Follow
him out the window and you will find him surrounded by Rent A Heroes.
Beat Urusara and then he will be knocked unconscious.  Zenikase will
arrive to arrest him.  All the Rent A Heroes wonder why Urusara is
doing such bad things, but you and I already know the reason: he's an

Now go back to SECA base at the Service Cafe.  Zounds!  It looks like
they were all forced to watch 7th Heaven.  Talk to Dr. Trouble and
he'll tell you the RH armor has been stolen and he will want you to
get Urusaraman's RH bracelet back.

Go back to the jail and you will find Urusaraman locked away in one
of the cells.  Talk to him and he will tell you that he is only
doing bad stuff because the Dynamite Dogs have taken his family
hostage. He'll tell you his family is being held in Makasa.  Pshaw.
Whatever.  You just a punk, Urusara.

At Makasa, go to the end area and find Bob, the geezer with the
glasses.  He'll be standing right next to a door.  Go in.  Fight
fight fight.  The terminator will drop Urusara's RH bracelet.
Rescue Urusara's family.  Now go back to Dr. Trouble in Service Cafe
and give him the bracelet and he will give you your money.

 /_Job 26: Final Job______/

Last job on the list.  Change into Rentalman and go to Makasa.  You
will be greeted by the Dynamite Dogs.  After stealing the RH armor
and working with the Nomura scientist, they now have some suits of
their own!  They are Amanda (from before), Rheo (the girly boy),
Muscle (the wacko), and Shock.  Beat up Rheo, or just lose to him.
If you win you will fight the other three.  These idiots are almost
as bad as the cheaters who ruined PSO; they've all got the infinite
life code on.  Even with infinite life, you could fight those wimps
for hours without losing to them.  But don't waste your BP and just
let them beat you.

You'll wake up in the hospital to the relief of your family members.
Go back to SECA base and talk to Dr. Trouble.  Answer "yes" twice for
a pimpin' new suit.  Now it's off to the Dahane police.

You now need to find the four keys to the Dynamite Dog's... sewer
manhole.   There is one key in each district except Ohtory.  Fight
all the suited mobsters in each area (Anamoina, Kohjya, Dahane,
Makasa).  Since fights automatically initiate when you get close to
them, be sure to change into Rentalman ahead of time.  After you
beat all the enemies in an area, you'll get a key, and all the
residents will reappear in the city.

Now you're going to the final battle, so go save and flange on HP
and BP items, even though you probably won't need them.

With all the keys, the Dahane sewers are your final destination.
Go over to the Dahane's shipping area with all the blue-ish giant
boxes.  It's northeast from the subway.  There will be a manhole off
to the side and in the shadows, somewhat concealed by the giant
boxes.  Examine it and you will go down.

OK.  Now you're in the maze-like sewers.  I can't give you a map but
here are the general directions.  First you need to hit three wall
switches.  The first one is right where you come down.  For the
second one go north (the direction facing away from the ladder at the
sewer entrance being north) as far as possible, and around that area
there will be the second switch.

Now backtrack a little and try to head east as far as possible.  Then
run northward until you're in the northeast area.  Around here, there
should be the final switch.  Backtrack to the entrance.  Head north a
little and go west as far as you can.  You will get on a path that
leads south and then you will find the entrance to the Dynamite Dog's
base, marked "DD."

In the DD base, you will fight the four Dynamite Dogs you met
earlier, one on one.  Rock them all with three-punch infinite and OTG
juggles.  Answer "yes" to the fourth Dog's dare.  After he beats you
in your normal form, Amanda will help you get all of your HP and BP
back.  Once all the Dogs are beaten, it's time for the Boss Dog.
Recover any HP and BP you've lost, and then go up the long stairs to
face him.

Once you take off about 50% of Boss Dog's HP, you will get a cut
scene where he whips out a Megaton bomb and throws it for no
apparent reason.  This cut scene is also an excuse for Rent A
Hiroko to come in again for no apparent reason (sheesh, couldn't
we at least get the nut cracker assistance again?).

Now you will continue fighting, and Boss will have much better
fighting ability this time around.  Don't bother using your Self
Recovery because Boss won't give you the time.  I beat this guy by
mixing a few regular combos with lots of infinite OTG Charge 1
Double Hammer juggle.

After defeating Boss, he will reveal himself to be the Police Chief
and will try to explain the reason for his actions.  Sorry, I wasn't
listening.  Anyway, Chief's dead and the place is about to blow, so
go over to the computer where Rent A Hiroko is and examine the right
panel.  You'll take the elevator to safety, and the game is complete!

The ending just has a bunch of random talk; useless story bits.
There's now a food in the Service Cafe named after you, Penguin
Restaurant wants to start a chain, Amanda wants a man with
"aaahhhnnn, nice body," Frio is going to be the good guy his father
wasn't, that Hogan kid is still after your sister, Rent A Hiroko
thinks about getting to know the real you, and a final message says
the job of Rent A Hero will continue.

Now the credits will roll, and I will fully understand if you choose
to run screaming in terror from your Dreamcast at this point.  OH MY


See you next job!