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Impossible Creatures cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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best critter to destroy buildings
okay. on the custom army builder, cross a dragonfly with a sperm whale. make sure it has the dragonfly's wings and front legs, plus the sperm whales head and tail. it doesn't really matter what the other parts are. the dragonfly's front legs allow it to do swoop attack, which it's melee damage is 25! the sperm whale's head lets it do sonar pulse which is good against other critters. enjoy!
Incredible Power in a Level IV flyer
I have a secret weapon: a flying creature species called the Dragonodile, with which three of them can destroy an anti-air tower. In large numbers, they are basically UNSTOPPABLE. Their only weaknesses are anti-air tower fields, or large amounts of creatures that have non-artillery ranged attacks. However, when strategically used, they are capable of defeating your enemy(or you if your enemy has them), even their weaknesses, in one fell swoop. The key? Design a creature that combines the Crocodile and the Dragonfly with these parts:

head: croc
front and back legs: dragonfly
body: croc
tail: croc

The resulting creature should be level IV with a melee strength around 30. Only problem is, if you look carefully, these creatures need a seemingly endless resource supply in order to be built in the numbers that make them powerful.

However, if you have access to such resources by any method, including cheats, the best way to keep the army built and ready is to place a lighting rod somewhere away from combat, then, depending on the populstion cap, build 7 or 10 Air Chambers and set their rally points to the Rod(build 7 chambers if the cap is 50, 10 if the cap is 75: if there was no population cap, if you set every chamber to make 8 creatures, 7 chambers would make 56 creatures, and 10 chambers would make 80 creatures).

After the maximum amount you can make is reached, go to the chambers and fill their queue lines with Dragonodiles. This way, every time an existing one dies, a new one will be created for you. And I would suggest using the genetic amplifier to perfect their stats so they will be even MORE powerful.

These creatures are even better and stronger than all of the level V creatures that I have made and that I know have been made. So, these things are basically a level V in themselves, but the game mistakes them for IV. So, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS MISTAKE! Remember though: If you only made this creature after taking my advice, remember that I was the one who told you how.
The NEW Ultimate CreatureS and Hints on MAKING Creatures
the one that was submited by Rex Chance was made far back, and that creature is Obselete. for I was Rex Chance. Here are the New Creatures:

head: W.M.
Front Legs:D.F.
backlegs: any
Tail: Any
(Melee damage: 42)

front and back: D.F.
Tail: any
(Melee Damage: 42, Most Trusting during Campaign. but Most expensive. but it just looks like and Oversized housefly.)


Creature Creating Tips:

Size Matters. Big time. the Bigger The Badder, of course!
always check that the Best is always there.
amphibious and Air units are the Best.
Dragonfly is highly Recomended in making Air units.
The Ultimate Creature(s)
The Ten Bonus Creatures

Animals Required:
Woolly Mammoth

Part arrangement:

Front and back legs can be changed.


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This will be automatic in tutorial and campaign, but in multi-player and player vs CPU you must activate it change |Enable cheats|No| to |Enable cheats|Yes|. Press the key to the left of enter and over shift (different in different keyboards). Then enter these to fulfil your requirement:

cheat_coal(#) - gives you the number of coal you've typed in.
cheat_electricity(#[)/b] - gives you the number of electricity you've typed in.
- you can build all buildings and use higher level creatures than you've researched.
cheat_rank - raises your rank.
cheat_killself - your lab will self-destruct.
all buildings
press ~ key and then type in cheat_buildings
Various Cheats
To use these codes, hit the tilde key (~) to bring down the console. Press enter to enable them. Typing them again and pressing enter may disable them.

Code Result
cheat_electricity(number) Award yourself with more electricity
cheat_rank Raise your rank
cheat_coal(number) Award yourself with more coal
cheat_killself You will die
cheat_buildings Gives you all building types