Ephemeral Fantasia Cheats

Ephemeral Fantasia cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

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Ephemeral Fantasia Cheats

"Hide" icon
press Red, Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Green for hidden mode. When the bars get to the upper area they disappear making it very hard to hit them properly.

"FF" icon
press Red, Green, Blue, Pick (x2) for fast forward mode. The bars will scroll faster.

"SFF" icon
press Red, Green, Blue, Pick (x2), Red, Green, Blue, Pick (x2). The bars will scroll even faster.

Skip intermission sequences
During an intermission sequence, hold Triangle.

"Random" icon
press Blue, Green (x2), Red, Green, Pick for random mode. Certain notes will be randomized.

"SUD" icon
press Green, Red, Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Pick . Notes will appear closer to the play line.

"Little" icon
At the mode selection screen presss Red (x3), Green (x2), Blue (x3), Pick . Only 2 chords allowed in this mode.


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Pattimo Command Codes
Enter the following button sequences on the "Press Start" screen after choosing Pattimo to play a song
PasswordWhat it does
All notes need two chordsRed, Red, Red, Green, Green, Blue, Blue, Blue, Pick
Notes are randomBlue, Green, Green, Red, Green, Pick
Extra hard difficultyRed, Blue, Pick, Green, Red, Blue, Pick, Green
Notes are closer togetherGreen, Red, Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Pick
Notes disappear right before you need to play themRed, Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Green
Notes move fastRed, Green, Blue, Pick, Pick
Notes move SUPER fastRed, Green, Blue, Pick, Pick,Red, Green, Blue, Pick, Pick
Deactivate all codes in effectPick x 10


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Listen to Every Song
When you're at the part where the town has been flooded, go to the entrance of Bird Gathering Park. By the well, go up to the frozen guy, Zakkio, and talk to him. You won't actually talk to him but when you try to, it says,"Zakkio appears to be frozen. You can hear music in the air..." there ya have it. Now you can listen to every song heard in Ephemeral Fantasia. Enjoy!
Max Gold
This will take time but its worth it.(You can only use this before kalhint's gang gets destroyed completely.) Somewhere between 12-6pm, you go to kalhints hideout.(go to another faq to find out where.) You go to a house with two bandits sitting on a small table talk to all of them and find the guy who will offer you to play a game similar to dominoes. (read the instructions. if you want to learn quickly just play the game and you'll eventually catch on.) Now keep playing the game and earn money. EVERY time you win go outside and save. If you don't it will be harder to get max gold.(since you keep on winning money, it may take at least a half an hour to get 500,000.) Be sure to not store your winnings because everytime you win the amount of money in half doubles.


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Eazy gold!!!
Go to the grave yard at 11:59 and wait for the golden bird to past.. Duel and win and you will get the golden feather.. Sell the Feather.

The other way to get Eazy money is to get all death hyoko eggs and you will duel majin hyoko. Get his dessert and sell it.( It has a worth like 250,000 gold pieces!)
Harder songs
press Red,Blue,Pick,Green,Red,Blue,Pick,Green at the mode selection screen This makes the songs very hard.Alternately,press L2,Right,Circle,L1an a standard controller.