[edit] Background

See double in a convention-shattering Nintendo DSiWare adventure!

The challenging and addictive Reflection combines 2D platforming with puzzle elements as players take control of both an adventurous young girl called Kirra and her mirror image.

Kirra has been tasked with retrieving a magical mirror. But upon accidentally breaking the mirror, she shatters reality, splitting herself and the world into two parts. Players will be challenged as they explore various locations including forests and temples, in order to collect the mirror shards and piece together a shattered reality.

Using the dual screen functionality on Nintendo DSi, Reflection will challenge gamers as they focus on playing both screens while navigating through the game, playing as both Kirra and her shadow. Players must control both a normal character and an upside-down mirror image simultaneously with the same set of controls, all while solving puzzles that involve manipulating both characters to progress. As the game alternates between these two sub-mechanics, gamers will have to learn to utilise both characters in order to prevail.

[edit] Features

  • Reflection utilises both screens at the same time. Users will need to be aware of what's happening on both screens to be successful
  • A new twist in the puzzle platforming genre that will have users thinking outside the box
  • Several extra features such as Expert levels and Time Attack modes give the user replay-ability beyond the main quest


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Release Dates
  • Europe: Q4 2009