Red Faction review
Red FAction: My Opinion

The good:

The weapons.
Able to destry everything.
Gameplay overall is very great.

The bad:

Some parts pretty hard, but nothing specifically bad at all. The story is not the best in the world.


This is one of those games that once you start playing you just can't stop. You only play one or two or them a year and once you find one you are hooked. This game is one of the most fantastic I have ever played. The ability to blow up the ground and alter the environment you ar standing on is phenonminal. The gmaeplay is excellent and is one of the FPS's that will go down in history.

The story is pretty average, you are working on Mars and tehn you need to revolt against the company because they are abusive is the best way to put it. You are mainly trying to get to the leader of the movement and kill the head of the company. It could be worse so I am thankful it is what it is.

The weapons are what make this gmae what it is. There is a pretty large assortment and with them you can destroy the ground and prevent enemies from getting to you.

You get to drive a few types of vehicles that are used to mine Mars but you are only using them to travel in. They are fantastic to drive by the way.

The graphics are pretty good, not the best but suitable. I highly recommend this to anyone regardless what type of game you prefer the most.

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