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Red Faction

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Nothing really

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Geo Mod would be great if i could blow up anything I wanted to. Its just a way to make the player a 1000 times more angry and anxious at trying to find a way through something. The Sniper rifle sucks the precision rifle makes for a better sniper rifle and I get annoyed with the same things over and over, not a big enough selection of bad guys, I was shocked when I came across the giant worms. Wow something thats a challenge. The only thing I found a challenge other than that was trying to figure out the dumbass maze I am trying to work my way through. I dont know about anyone else I hate having to take 2 weeks to go through a maze of Crrrrap. The game is very dissapointing, including the multiplayer. The only positive side to all this? I didnt pay a dime for it. Which I wouldnt have given them in the first place! Maybe whomever worked on this game will realize that it REAlly DOES suck ass and should create a game a little more realistic rather than having the programmer trying to have a player walk through a maze only he, the programmer, knows. My Gentle Jesus, I hate this game!

Oh Im not done, I became more concerned with trying to get through the maze than killing the guards, Im like: ho hum walking along lets see can I get through here? Damn another henchman, go away, pop hes dead dangit cant go through here. Damn back where I started.

I bet I might actually buy the second game if there were a way to have a MAP, damn cant make MAP any font size bigger. MAKE A FRIGGIN MAP AND ILL LIKE THE GAME other wise you get lost and you dont know where to go.
Hendrix was right in front of the friggin computer, he had acces to everything why the hell couldnt he tell you where to go or have a map ready by pushing TAB like EVERY GAME SIMILAR AND PREVIOUS TO THIS ONE DOES. Oh yeah and I like the part where I have to push the button to override the geothermal plant with the engineer. "Go to the other panel and push the button." ook which panel? in this room? back by security? I had to blow every panel up to find which button hadnt blown up to find which one I had to press. The game is a lot more fun onse You actually know what to do. But by then its so long and boring I dont want to take the time to go through it again.

All in all the geo mod is great but dont EVER make it an essential part of the game. When the player has almost an infinate number of surfaces to shoot at he wants to be able to blow them all up. It would be cool if the craters were only 1 crater deep. Like the glass house ddemo I played for the first time. I didnt even know what geomod was until I fired a rocket at the wall. Wow sweet this is cool then I prceeded to drill and drill, and got bored and bored. If this game were to have had some sort of map to situate myself I would probably wouldnt feel so disoriented and would make me feel like I have a little more control over where on Mars I was going and I might actually love it as much as CounterStrike. Which I actually bought when I found out it didn't suck ass.

Who knows maybe the second one will be better. I might actually buy it. After I Catch ya on the warez side.

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