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It's a good game honest

The good:

You get to swipe,punch,throw,kick and so on to the 22 men or even the ref himself. Create a team is great and there is the world cup as well it is fully licenced so there fifa fans who keep boasting.

The bad:

There are not many teams but that is about it


Thets get staight into this this is a good game which everyone slags off for no apparent reason this is a vinnie jones em up or a roy keane em up you just foul and foul there arn't that many teams but they are all fully licenced you can even kick the ref if you want an unrealistic footie game get this otherwise get a PES game buy this you will not regret it (well i didn't any way)if you have some money and you see it and you like kicking people get this game or as they say start playing games dude this is a whopper of a game


100th Review !!! Red Card Soccer 20-03

The good:

you can foul people horribly amd get away, its soooooooooo much fun.

The bad:

the stupid flipy things which the players do in order to shoot, what the hell is up with that.


this first paragraph to tell all the people about my 100th Review in less than two months, its astonishing !!! and i dedicate it to all my neo-friends !!!

anyway the game is alot of fun because of the quality fouling system that it gives you, basically foul wo you want and play on, top Quality !!! the gameplay is similar to ISS 2 except you can foul on this game but the game also has some strangeness like flicking the balls up, doing a cartwheel, hiting the ball in mid-air while you are in the middle of the cartwheel and the kepper cant save it, what the hell is up about that.

well the game i...

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