Red Card Soccer 20-03 (PS2) Cheats

Red Card Soccer 20-03 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Unlock Apes Team
Conquer the African continent and beat them in the World Conquest Mode. You will also unlock the Victoria Falls stadium.


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Code to unlock all Teams, Stadiums and Finals Mode
Enter BIGTANK as your profile name at the enter your profile name screen.
Goto the profile screen and enter your nameas BIG-TANK once entered, all stadiums, teams, and the finals well be unlocked
Get all stuff
To get all teams, stadiums, players and tornaments enter BIGTANK in the profile section
Matrix shot
when close to goal and hav a full bar of 4 (near bottom of screen). pres all together L2, R1 and cirle to do the matrix. watch in amazement!!!
Unlock finals mode
You have to complete all matches in world conquest mode. A new tornament lies in wait to see if you realy are the master