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Prepare for the premier experience of a Cowboy ninja Samurai in a Cowboy setting

The good:

Much better controls thanks to the excellent use of the wii mote +

Great use of Cell shading.

Less strenous combo's compared to Red Steel 1

The bad:

Picky controls, even with the wii mote + there are times when the game just feels like it's doing nu uh just like a bratty kid.

Points of no return.

High cost of techniques and upgrades forcing you to chose between Guns or Sword.


Red Steel 2 is a game that had to compete with it's older clumsy brother, Red Steel, while Red Steel is not a bad game it's sword play mechanics left much to be desired, Red Steel 2 steps up and is a massive improvement, the sword play is much more fluid you do a left, the cowboy samurai will swing his Katana to the left, you swing to the right, he swings to the right, the controls are a bit stiff but it has not a lot of bearing on the game itself.

The town looks desolated thanks to somehow the cowboy samurai clan has been massacred and you are the only survivor, the story starts with our mo...


Blue Steel: It's Cold in the Desert


Red Steel 2 is an Ubisoft game that, from what I’ve heard and seen, has barely anything, if only the base of the name, in common with the original Red Steel. Excited by some of the things I’d heard about this game, I jumped at the full price with MotionPlus included to see just how fun it is to be a master of both blade and gun. My final feelings, however, aren’t quite what I had participated at the time of purchase as I delved into a game that had been dubbed a “crazy venture” by many in the gaming industry after the huge fail that was the first.

You play as a nameless member of the Kusagar...


Most improved sequel ever? Definately.


When the Wii was first announced and everyone was hyping up how absolutely amazing motion controls were going to be Ubisoft decided to get to work on a game called Red Steel; which basically aimed to be a mixture between a sword-fighting simulator and an FPS. Needless to say as anyone that has actually played the game knows, it was an absolutely pile of garbage and anyone that actually believes the game to have any worth whatsoever is probably some sort of evil robot built by Ubisoft to try and poison your mind and you should disregard their opinion and swiftly dispose of them as soon as po...

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