Red Dead Revolver (Xbox) Cheats

Red Dead Revolver cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Defeat Pig Josh Easily
The easiest way to win this boss is to go to the top of the building in the middle of the level. Get to the side and jump to the building to the left of you. Get into the top of the building and stay in the middle. This way, Pig Josh can't get to you with his explosives and so you can just keep on shooting hi, without losing a bar of health. it may take some time, but just keep on shooting him in the head and he'll eventually die.
How to kill Mr. Black
First, you kill all of the guys that are with Mr. Black. You will notice that the coffing he carries isnt real, it has a gatling gun in it. You must use the tombstones for cover but they don't last long. If you have twin revolvers, then this will make it easier later. Have yourself and blacky on either end of the graveyard. Shoot his head off (w/ rifle) and avoid his surpressive fire by dodging it. Then, using the twin revolvers I told you about earlier, dead eye him and cap his heiny
PigJosh, Easy Win [ Glitch ]
An Easy way to beat Pig Josh is actually a Glitch in the Game..

After PigJosh gets out of his Trailer, Run to the Building in the Middle of the Level, Go up the Stairs, Climb on top of the Roof, Get Down, Jump over to the Other Roof (Which is On the Left, if your looking from the Turret). Shoot PigJosh a few times, then, as he is running around after getting shot, Run over to the Turret and Use It. PigJosh will go into an Infinite loop of climbing up to the Top of the Building, then down to the smaller overlap, into the house, and up top again, and continue doing so for the rest of the Time in play.

While PigJosh is stuck in this loop, feel free to Hit him with the gattling gun, or take pot-shots at him with your Revolver, or even better, your Rifle. Try to hit him in the Head to take off more life. Avoid his Shields.

This glitch has been reproduced multiple times. It is not a onetime Glitch.


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Start a new game and enter a space for a name. Your name will be "Rstar" and you will have already purchased some of the items in the store.
Red Dead Revolver Unlockable: Game Modes

Hard Mode: Beat Story Mode
Very Hard Mode: Beat Hard Mode
Red Wood Revolver Mode: Beat Very Hard Mode
Red Wood Revolver Mode allows you to play and Manny Quinn, a wooden dummy found in the back of the brimstone Gun Shop. Manny Quinn's Dead Eye skill lights him on fire and he is able to burn enemies.

Red Dead Revolver Cheat List
Cheats are unlocked by completing Bounty Hunter challenges. They are then available in the pause menu. The following Bounty levels unlock the corresponding cheats.
Sad Stars: The Mine
No HUD: Stagecoach
Bite the Bullet (Enemies have golden guns): Fort Diego
No Distortion: End of the Line
Infinite Dead Eye: Battle Finale
Golden Gun: Siege
Invincibility: Fall From Grace

Red Dead Revolver Hint: beat pig josh
To beat pig josh all you need to do is jump on to the roof that Jack is on and get on top of little shack thing. After that you will have a perfect view of Josh. If he tries to come up the stairs he will most likely blow himself out of the shack leaving him vulnerable for attack.