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easy $1,500!!
in the bad bessie bounty hunter mission, you will keep walking until you get to a wall of rocks. thats when curly shaw comes out and offers you a snakebite kit! maybe you cant afford it!? or maybe you can but you still want $1,500! take the shortcut and kill the 2 enemies. curly shaw will now run out ahead of you and get shot in the head by a sniper. BUT if you run out before him and go into deadeye mode with a rifle and kill the sniper before he kills curly, you will be rewarded with $1,500! now you can buy the snakebite kit from him which costs exactly $1,500!
UnlockableHow to unlock
$1,500 easy!save curly shaw from sniper in bad bessie level using rifle and deadeye! then buy snakebite kit!


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All Unlockable Cheats for PS2
To unlock the cheats, you have to first beat the game and then beat the subsequent missions on "Bounty Hunter" mode. After completing the Bounty Hunter Mission, the code will appear in the "Cheats" option under the pause menu.

Level 17: The Mine
Beat to unlock Sad Stars. Replaces all blood with stars that have sad faces.

Level 18: Stagecoach
Beat to unlock No HUD. Eliminates all on-screen HUD graphics, including firing reticule.

Level 20: Fort Diego
Beat to unlock Bite the Bullet. Everyone, including Red and all non-playable characters (even friendly) takes much more damage for every hit.

Level 21: End of the Line
Beat to unlock No Distortion. I have not found a single person/website that knows what this does. But you have to get it for 100%.

Level 24: Battle Finale
Beat to unlock Infinite Dead Eye. You will be able to use all characters special moves infinitely.

Level 25: The Seige
Beat to unlock Golden Gun. This gives you one shot kills for all normal enemies and multiplied damage for the bosses.

Level 27: Fall From Grace
Beat to unlock Invincibility. You will never take damage, unless in a duel. Then you can, and will, take damage.
Defeating Ugly Chris
When he come out, he will pick up O'Grady and use him as a human shield. It is simple, aim, possebly with the aid of deadeye, and shoot his head three times because the first will only stun him, if he survives, repeat it.
fast reload
fire one round of bullets of any gun except thrown things ,when any player is reloading gun change the weapon and then change back to it look at the ammo it will be full
Holstien Hamburgers
Holstien Hal and his brother buffalo ? are rude, dumm, and nothing but two cows in the slaughter house waiting to become a happy meal. Get on a cow and go for buff first, I say buff first because unlike holstien, he doesnt have a yanking lasso. once you have had corse one, get ready for the big hefel with a lot of meat (MIGHTY KIDS MEAL!)! For the final shot, go for the back, chest, or head with the knife. "HINT" If you are one of those hopeless kind of people, then there are two hidden health packs if you need them. One is by the chicken coup and one is behind the box or trough (WHATEVER).
How to beat Governer Griffon
In order to beat griff you will have to first order take out, the menu is griffons men,three of them on the upper part of the roof (one has dynomite so be carefull). Griff is TOUGH with his scorpion gun so to beat him shoot him and kill a cronie every once and a while till your focus (deadeye) bar is three or over then go into slow mo and finish him. Once he lose's half of his hit points a duel will start. to beat this duel against him use the widowmaker(if you still have bullets)and aim for his upper stomach, his chest and lower part of his neck,he's dead now.So now watch the ending unvail for you worked hard for this moment.
How to beat Mr. Kelly
To defeat Mr. Kelly buy the $2.000 dollar widowmaker and aim for his head with crital shots for the duel. For the boss fight he will use the screaming people to protect himself from gunfire. He will also shoot them, but to dominate his hitpoints you have to shoot him in the head with the widomaker(or scorpion if you have beatin the game before)while he is reloading his gun. Repeat this until he crubles like the scumbag he is.
Kill Mr. Kelly
Take your old pistol. Get a lock on his knee and head. Take your shot. This takes practice. He is not dead! You have to kill him now. Like on the mine level where you have to draw 2 or 3 guys. You fall down, well now he falls down.


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never ending cash
On chapter 18 when u play as buffalo you will be in the back of a stagecoach, while back there you have a clear shot at the drivers head. u can keep shooting him for endless cash and dont woory he does not die


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Action Replay Code - Friendly Fire off
Action Replay Code - Friendly Fire on
KF2Y - 1CMJ - EWK2D - ZZEA - 1PFZ - 6AQ2U
Action Replay Code - Invincible
Action Replay Code - Open Characters in Multi-missions
5B04 - RKVX - WGBJM - AVJU - 0Z3K - 8PUQC
Action Replay Code - Open Journel
KA4N - N7YH - ZN172 - E7Q1 - ZNQ2 - P2E6G
Action Replay Code - Open Multi-missions
8CFM - XWVM - QR8B3 - PRUZ - 697C - 1JGKE
Action Replay Code - Start With Max Cash
AZNC - 9Q2N - UU47Y - XN05 - N70B - D5AEA
Action Replay Code - Turn off grass
Action Replay Code - Turn off rain
Action Replay Code - Unlock Journel/Multiplayer
MZ9U - MHK9 - TR4V8 - QD1G - CAGB - FZAV3
Action Replay Codes
Master Code -
42UV - Q95M - P180X - B6RE - TN2U - N89FV - ET68 - XU8W - ERJKX - JWTC - 44Z8 - EKYXH - R3MX - KWHH - 2P37E

Infinite Health -
CYC8 - Z02R - YDG08 - 997P - RCR8 - Q3UDN - HR1H - APQH - QG42Z
reload time cut in half
first you get your revolver or rifle down to one bullit then you put it away buy some knives before mission, pull out your knife through it at the ground five times pull out your revolver or rifle and waste the last bullit and hell reload in half the time alwas