Red Dead Redemption Tips

Need Help Leveling Up?
Leveling up in Read Dead Redemption is no easy task; it requires a ton of time and patience. However, knowing when and where (along with a well invested amount of time), you can level up quicker without actually having to boost/hack/etc.

The easiest method of leveling up (that I've found, anyway) is to alternate between Twin Rocks and Pike's Basin. Obviously Triple Experience and Quadruple experience weekends make this a MUCH MUCH MUCH easier way of leveling up. However, non-exp weekends also supply a good amount of experience.

I usually start off in Twin Rocks. The experience is very little, but you're able to complete it very hastily as it's layout is pretty easy to understand/complete. Having a friend or two to assist you in this method of leveling up always helps, as they can help finish the gang hide-out. They may steal a point or two from you, but in the long term, time is all that matters. The more times you can complete the hide-out, the more experience you'll get. Having an extra gun really comes in handy.

Complete Twin Rocks as much as you can until you get bored. Then, head on over to Pike's Basin. Fortunately, this ride isn't very long at all, and you can almost immediately start racking experience up again. Once in Pike's Basin, alternate the boxes with your friends (or, alternatively, take the boxes for yourself) until you finish the round. Restart the hide-out and do everything over again.

Rinse and repeat until you're utterly bored and wait to try again another day.