Red Dead Redemption Tips

Horse Shoe Mini-Game Help
If you are having trouble winning the HorseShoe Mini-game,
i have found the following guidlines to help you tip the odds in your favor

1. when it is your turn , use the Zoom button to get a close up of the post, then move your aim stick to move left or right to line up the cross-hair in between the horseshoe in your hand. if you are standing on the right side, you want your crosshair a little bit to the right of the center...and if you are on the left side, you want it just to the left of center. Release the zoom..

2. pull back on the swing until you reach the bottom of the meter and when you push forward, hit the "release" button just right before the first marker on the meter...if you do it correctly, it will "show" releasing on the center marker, and your horseshoe should land on the post or very near to touching it...