Recoil (PC) Cheats

Recoil cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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Recoil Cheats

Cheat Codes
During a game press [Ctrl] + X to display the cheat prompt. Enter one of these case-sensitive codes:

InvincibilityCavalry or CAVALRY
All weaponsHemmit
Full shieldsMedic
Full healthHEALTH
Unlimited ammuntionAmmo or AMMO
Extra hover techKilljoy


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Weapon Tips
Mortar Cannon:
These weapons create craters on most surfaces. use these to quickly duck into, or as a simple ramp to get to certain areas
Distortion Mortar Cannon:
Pretty similar to the mortar cannon, except it creates craters full of muck, slowing down anything that passes through it.
Each shot is weak, however, it continues to do damage to the victim after hitting it. best used with your primary weapons
A very handy weapon, just a few shots on the enemy will freeze it, rendering it vulnerable. This leaves you free to give it one last shot, or simply ramming it to shatter it.
Proximity Mine/Molecular Proximity Mine:
Simply drop this weapon and it will explode as soon as an enemy goes near it. Molecular proximity mine creates a crater full of muck like the distortion mortar cannon.
Remote Mine/Remote Molecular Mine:
More powerful than the proximity mines. They do the same thing except for them to explode, you have to press the space bar to detonate them.
Laser Sabre:
This weapon is capable of bouncing off most surfaces, making it capable of hitting enemies around corners. Note that instant death meets you if you attempt to use this underwater.
Laser Designator:
Simply hold this weapon on the enemy for about one or two seconds and they will instantly die. Do not use this weapon underwater.
Arc Sabre:
One of the most handy weapons, this beam of electricity automatically splits and hits every enemy within sight. Do not use this weapon underwater.
Sonic Burst:
Instantly destroys any enemy on contact. Do not use this underwater either.
Lock-On Missile:
This weapon will follow the target locked on, which is indicated by [ and ].
Tether Guided Missile:
Once launched, your view is switched to the missile. The missile will follow your targeting reticle. This takes a while to master but it is easy once you know how it works.
Lock On Nuclear Missile:
Same as the Lock-On Missile, but much more powerful, and with a larger area effect where everything is destroyed or heavily damaged(further away from the explosion). Use this weapon wisely, as there is only one Lock-On Nuke in the game.
Tether Guided Nuclear Missile:
Works in the same way the Guided Missile Works. Again, there is only one in the game.