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Lessons in being a capitalist swine, as taught by Japanese people


Upon first glance, Recettear appears to be a dungeon crawler with a shopkeeping gimmick. I mean come on, how can you base a whole game on shopkeeping? But then you get further into the game and realize "shit, that's how", because it gets more complex and it just sucks you in! That's how a game ought to work - have something, stick with it, and pace it so that you can get people hooked into it. Although in a way, it feels like the gimmick outdoes something more traditional, which is the dungeon crawling... does this wind up hurting the game in any way, shape or form? Guess you'll have to fin...


Don't tear down that cardboard box... it's my house!

The good:

    There is a surprisingly vast amount of items that you can find for such a seemingly simply game. Despite there being few places to go, there is a lot more to do than one might think at a first glance.

    The difficulty increases as you go through the dungeons, keeping a better hold on your interest.

    Even the dialogue itself is somewhat entertaining and more "intelligent" and adult than a game like, for example, Harvest Moon.

The bad:

    The debts you are made to repay are sometimes impossible to meet resulting in the need to restart. Failing to meet ones payments at any part of the game results in having to start over, albeit with all of your items. For example, if you made your payments for the first three weeks and failed on the fourth week, you go back to week one.


    Recettear, at a first glance, is just a small indie game perhaps akin to the likes of the infamous Facebook game "Farmville" or whatever Zynga's managed to come up with recently. However, that is very much INCORRECT!

    The overall plot of the game is rather simple. You play as Recette, a young girl who is currently living alone in her father's home. It seems that he's gone missing, apparently having partaken in some large adventure and never having returned. Much to her surprise she is one day visited by a fairy by the name of Tear. She instructs you that your father left you with a daunting d...


The economics of video games


A shop can offer many things to travellers of all shapes and sizes; will you succeed?

You know how in most RPGs, you have to buy weapons, armor and items from a shop in order to stand a bit more of a chance against the forces of evil, right? You'd think that the shopkeepers would cut you some slack and give you a discount because you're saving the world from said forces of evil... nope. Shopkeepers can't play favorites here! And that's the case for this game, where you ARE a shopkeeper, needing to make sure that you earn as much money as possible without driving the customer away because you...


Capitalism, ho!


This is my review of Recettear. It is a rather unique and awesome game. Go buy it now. End.

Well, I suppose I should explain things a bit better, but my abruptness should go some way to expressing the sheer love I have for this game. There truely are very few games quite like this, and fewer still done with the kind of addictive quality that demands you to play one more day. A shining example of what indepedent developers can pull off.

So then, what is Recettear? It is primarily a shop management game that reverses the usual RPG roles. This time you are the shop keeper happily ripping off adv...

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