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Resident Evil Zero review
A good edition to the RE series......but not the best!

The good:

The Good

* Okay Storyline

* More new Characters

* New System

* New Monsters

* Improved Graphics

The bad:

The Bad

* Not enough in depth story (to explain certain things)

* Team coperation is annoying (you have to move from character to character alot)

* Less storage space for items

*Harder Puzzles



Though it may be a good game, welcomes back old character Rebbeca chambers, and new lead character Billy, the new characters lack in depth roles.

And considering RE zero was supposed to be set before Re remake, it did not do a good job explaining some of the storyline we were hoping to hear, like how everything started!.

I found the new partner thing annoying, where you have to use the strong and the weak for different things, like billy did the pushing, while rebbeca did the puzzles and thinking. It meant if you were in the wrong place, going through two characters moving them around just to get them in the right place (confusing).

Also the whole leave your items on a dark floor was annoying, because you have less storage space so you have to, and its hard to go and find those items again once you placed them some where!. Not to mention i passed this game in less than a few days, well almost one day! so its not that hard!.
all in all:

Graphics 9/10

Game play 6/10

Sound 8/10

Story line 5/10

all in all i would give it an Average score not as good as the others but a pretty good game none the less.

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