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Command codes

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Access Bonus Levels w/o collecting cages & lums
Completing a level without collecting all its cages and/or lums typically rewards you with an unflattering "Access Denied" screen when you try to access the bonus level. At this screen you can enter the following button sequence:

B, Y, Right, Left, Right, Left

If entered properly, the word "Cheat" will appear beneath "Access Denied."
Tomb of the Ancients Hidden Area
Locate the "Technical Check-Up" door in the last area in the Tomb of the Ancients, then go inside and stand on the dark spot on the third panel. Enter the following code:

B, Y, Right, Left, Right, Left

If entered properly, a create should appear which allow you to enter the hole in the wall. Inside you'll be able to view various secrets.


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Unlimited blue ammo for The Crow's Nest
On The Crow's Nest level, hold down the B and Y buttons while flying as high as you possibly can toward the roof; you are aiming to hit the center of this roof. If you hit the right section of the roof while holding down the two buttons, you will teleport into a metal pipe structure. Head to the end of the pipe structure to teleport back to the main area. When you return, the orange ammo you can obtain in this level will become blue and will never run out until you get hit.