Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc (PS2) Cheats

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Defeat Reflux First and Second Time
In the Desert of the Knarren, Reflux challanges You to a battle. In order to defeat him quick, hop on the net and get the heavy metal fist power. Now hit him quick so he can lose more health.

In the Tower of the Leptys, Reflux returns Bigger and badder and more powerful. To defeat this powerful final boss, his first transformation, grab the green can and electrcoute him to lower his shields. Now hit him with the heavy metal fist. His Second Transformation, jump to avoid his attacks and reach the can with Raymans Powers. Head back and he'll lower his arm to the heart. Strike the heart. Repeat to defeat Reflux.

It's not over yet, this is a severe jumping challange. If you fall of the ledge, it's game over. Reach the top and Rayman will use a special power to strike Reflux. He comes to the sky for a final battle. Globox appears and takes you where Reflux went. To defeat his final transformation, strike the heart with the shields on it. Hit it constantly because he'll revive his shields. You'll need to repeat and congrats, you've beaten Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc.
Defeating Reflux(1)
It's not to hard to beat him but it takes a while!! when the platform rises he will start his attack. these are easy to avoid. you drop off the platform and cling to the netting on the side. move along the side and collect the red powerup. when the fireballs come towards you just jump and ppush up. it will pass under you. after each attack by the boss jump up onto the platform. he will spin for a while and chase you. when he stops he will fire some flames at you. when he does this he is open to attack. fire at him using Square button, these will hit his staff. the idea is to hit him 3 or 4 times when he will throw his staff in the air. any damage you receive can be healed when you climb down ther side again. keep doing this until he is defeated. when you beat him you get a great new power!
Defeating The Witch Lady
When she comes near the pot jump up and throw a fist in the pot it will spash on her and make her small like you then chase her and hit her as many times as you can before she gets big again. Change directions when you chase her and you'll catch more often.
Walkthrough through Desert Of The Knarran
- Jump on the bones towards the opening
- Jump on the platforms above the green water to the other end.
- Take yellow can, and fly to yellow can beneath the bridge, then fly to yellow can further away, then fly to yellow can near the bridge, then fly to yellow can at the other end, then fly into the opening with the blue can. Cling on to the left, then to the right, and go into the upper opening. Take the orange can and shoot a rocket through the hole and let it fly towards the prisoned Teensies. Jump and fly to the left, into the opening with the red can, and listen to the Teensies. Take the red can, fly to the platform on your left, and smash the wooden door.
- Run away from the Knaaren, make a round to pass him, go into the hole he made.
- Let you fall in the pit, take the orange can and shoot a rocket towards the prisoned Teensie right above you. He puts a blue can on the edge of the pit. Shoot a second rocket into the orange opening with the gong. This makes the Knaaren run away from the upper opening. Quickly climb out the pit, take the blue can, take the incline, and cling on towards the upper opening.
- Carefully take a stone and lay it down on the switch. Use jump key to lay stone down, don't smash it with fire key. Lay stone down for a while so you can shoot the skeletons. Go inside the freed room and shoot with orange can a rocket through the hole and towards the gong. Quickly go down through the hole and run into the room at your right. Again take a stone and lay it down on the switch.
- Let a Knaaren follow you, and let him walk on the switch on the altar. This makes the platforms move in this room. Take the incline, and jump on the platforms towards the blue can. Cling on towards the upper platforms. Then you reach another blue can, cling on and reach the top of the altar. Release the Teensies, this gives you a yellow can, and fly into the opening above you.
- You will find a broken wall with lots of Knaarens. You have to walk above them on platforms and climb along ribbed walls. To go there, go a bit back and climb into the small vertical hole.
- You come into a first cave, and the door closes behind you. A blue can is beneath you. A ribbed wall is on your left. If you look on your right there's a gong below. There's an orange can in a hole not far from the gong. If you go the way right, you'll see you come into a second cave and need a blue can. So fly towards the gong and find the orange can. Shoot a rocket towards the gong. Now go for the blue can, and run to the second cave (use the ribbed wall to go back to the top way).
- In the third cave, there is a blue exit beneath and at the left of the door you came from.
- In the fourth cave is a spiral way. Jump and fly to pass the stone wall. With the orange cans shoot the gong, or take the hole ways, to pass the Knaaren. Climb into the small vertical hole to reach the top.
- In the next cave let you fall
- You come into a cave where you have to find the right way to lay a stone down on the switch. If you fall, you can climb back.
- Run away from the Knaarens, and find a platform challenge. Go into the opening at the other end and don't worry about the Knaarens, you will fall
- Here comes an arena battle!
Walkthrough Tower Of The Lyptys
after killing enemies in first room, you get a red can. Smash the wooden door with it.
- fly from gratings to gratings above the red water
- jump from box to box
- in the arena, kill little enemies first, this gives you a red can. Kill the turtle enemies with it, and kill the ghost guarded enemies
- ride with the shoes, it gives a yellow can. Fly to the gratings, take blue can and cling on, fly in the opening. Again cling on, and fly in the next opening.
- Rayman comes back in first room. Kill the enemie, this gives you a yellow can. Fly upon the wooden platform, hang on the gratings and avoid the flames
- in the tower, jump on the moving platforms, take the blue can, cling on, hang and fly from gratings to gratings, take the platform, jump to moving squared platform, jump and hang on the gratings, fly into the opening (you can without the grab)
- there's a small way at your right. Release the Teensie there to get a red can to open the wooden door.
- jump on the box, on the platform, hang on the gratings.
- in the next big room, fight the enemies first, then take the stairs of the tower, take the blue can, jump to the wooden platform, cling on, take the yellow can on the wooden platform (will fall), and jump on the balloons towards the stone platforms. Jump on a platform of the rotating pilar, and jump to the stairs of the tower. Release the Teensie, you get a blue can. Cling on and jump on the balloons towards the highest stairs of the tower. Jump on a platform of the rotating pilar and take the yellow can, fly to the top of the pilar. Kill the enemies, you get a blue can. Cling on and fly in the opening.
- take the ladder, fly to the other ladder, hang on the gratings, fight the enemie, climb in the small vertical hole. Take the blue can on the wooden platform. Cling on towards the other wooden platforms. Take the ladder and fly to the other ladder. Take the yellow can on the platform and fly towards the small vertical hole to climb in it. Take the ladder and the blue can. Cling on and fly to the other ladder. Fly and take several yellow cans until you reached the opening
- this is a part where you jump on moving platforms and balloons, and with the blue can (reachable with balloon jump) you cling on and fly towards the final side.
- another part where you take a blue can, jump on the balloons, and cling on towards the final side.
- take the ladder and jump on the balloons to the very top
- here comes a funny flight
- Fight last boss part 1: Take a blue can and cling on to him. Give him electric shocks. His shield becomes smaller. Then take a red can and hit him. To avoid his seeking flames, run zigzag! Run right and left every half second! Do it also in the fight with the red power.
- Fight last boss part 2: To avoid his horizontal thrown flames, stand in a hole. To avoid to be thrown in the air by his fist smash, don't touch the ground. First you need to pick up a blue can. Then go back to the other side where you can cling on, take the red power and run on his arm and shoulder to his back and hit the thing there.
- Fight last boss part 3: Fly from yellow can to yellow can, until you reached the highest platform to hit him with a rocket. If you fall, fly back to the bottom platform, or it will be game over. If you stand on the edge beneath that platform, you need to fly nice through the edge hole to get back on that platform.
- Fight last boss part 4: not difficult, but it takes long! Just keep shooting on him. The shield around that thing on his back becomes smaller. When he comes to you, still hit that thing on his back. Then a short flight begins where you throw bombs to the hoodlums. The fight repeats. After a long time you should made it. The last thing is to catch Andre. But you know how to make a red lum of it, don't you?


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2 Track Down Every Matuvu, Tribelle
There are two types of critters you can find for points.
Matuvus, whistle as you go by them. Use look mode to find them.
Tribelles, disappear if startled.
Energized when finding them gives double points
cheats and hints
Increase Max Health
To increase your maximum energy, collect six cages. You can increase your max energy 10 times during gameplay.

Hint: Double Your Points
Try to grab gems and junk when you are wearing a special suit. The points are multiplied by two. The grapple arm suit has the longest lasting timer, so use that to maximze your score when grabbing gems over long distances, but in a pinch, any suit will do.

Hint: Look And Don't Run Too Much
There are two bonuses you need to watch for in order to get more points - one is a blue bug that hides fairly quietly in hard to spot areas. All Rayman needs to do is look at it in first person for a while and earn points.

The second bonus is a reddish alien flower that runs away if Rayman spooks it by running, dropping, or attacking. If you manage to sneak close to it, you can earn a lot of points.

Clearleaf Forest, Area 1
[Rayman hits the first Hoodlum camp]

Matuvus: two
-on the ceiling, next to the screw-shaped mushroom.
-in the 2nd part, at the beginning, before the bridge under the scaffolding to the left.
Clearleaf Forest, Area 1
[Rayman hits the first Hoodlum camp]

Matuvus: two

-on the ceiling, next to the screw-shaped mushroom

-in the 2nd part, at the beginning, before the bridge under the scaffolding to the left
Clearleaf Forest, Area 2
[Rayman arrives at a Teensie village]

Matuvus: two
-in the clearing under a wooden pontoon.
-in the middle of the canyon, under an inaccessible pontoon [high up]

Tribelles: two
-at the beginning of the canyon, below, next to the ladder.
-in the middle of the canyon, in the small passage to the right that can be reached with the grapnel.
Clearleaf Forest, Area 3
[Rayman blasts through a bigger Hoodlum camp]

Matuvus: two
-in the camp yard, on the roof of the right-hand tent.
-under the platform at the very beginning of the last room.

Tribelles: two
-outside, before entering the camp. There is a small passage you can reach by jumping on the crates [notice some red Lums.] A tribelle is waiting at the back.-in the camp yard, on the platform from which the Hoodboom bombarded Rayman.
Fairy Council, Area 2
[Rayman gets his hands back]

Matuvus: One
-in the second room, above. If you turn round, you can see it in the large root that you jumped from.
Fairy Council, Area 3
[Rayman fights Andre]

Matuvus: There are 4 to be acquired here.

-in the 1st room, on the ceiling, behind the pylon on the rising platform.

-on the door frame of the 2nd room [the one with the cells]

-on the right-hand wall of the room for learning curved fists

-at the end of the map, at the level of the screw-shaped mushrooms.
Fairy Council, Area 4
{Rayman arrives at the Fairies cave]

Matuvus: two

-at the entrance to the map, on the left, above the opening

-on the ceiling to the right in the room for the 1st rock climb

Tribelles: two

-at the peak of the 1st rock climb

-behind the rock climb between two walls in the last room
The Bog of Murk, Area 1
[Begoniax the Beautiful]

Matuvus: one
-outside, under the roof of Begoniax's house
The Bog of Murk, Area 2
[A Hoodlum den]

Matuvus: one
-under one of the branches of the tree on the central island.
The Bog of Murk, Area 3

Matuvus: one
-right at the beginning, visible from the 1st small island with the muddies and the grapnel power.
The Bog of Murk, Area 4
[Plants and Bridges]

Matuvus: one
-right at the beginning, under one of the leaves of the 1st plant.
The Bog of Murk, Area 5

Matuvus: one
-on the ceiling in one of the first floor rooms.
Tribelle and Martuvu: Points To Acquire
There are two types of critters you can find for points.

Matuvus [small], blue lizard/frogs] whistle if you go near them. Use "Look" mode to find them, and watch them until they wave at you.

The Tribelles [red, three-leafed plant-critters] disappear if startled. Walked carefully or strafe up, touch them, and they should give up points.

*** Noteworthy, try to be energized when you find these critters, will give you double points.