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Infinite continues
When you are given the continue screen, press Up, Down, Right, Left, Start. You will continue the game, but no continue credits are used up.
submitted by Li' G

Get all of the electron cages
The following is a guide to get all the electron cages
this entire segment submitted by usman

-------- Pink Plant Woods, Dream Forest ------------------------------------------

(1)-Stage 2-After the photographer climb all the way up the first vine and look to the left. (You will need to acquire the Punch ability first)

(2)-Stage 2-On the second vine go down to where your across from the plum. Knock it down and jump on it. Ride it over to the right and get the Electroon. (You need the Punch ability)

(3)-Stage 2-At the beginning of the stage go to the left and get on the flower and make the jump to the vine. Go up the vine then get off on the platform with the Magician. Then grab onto the rings and then helicopter to the right (after the last ring) then you'll land on a tree. Simply jump off the tree and it will be there. (You'll need the Grappling and Helicopter abilites)

(4)-Stage 3-When you get to the second plum you need to knock it across the water and onto the tall green enemy's head. Just jump on the plum and jump off and continue to the right. And then you should see it.

(5)-Stage 3-At the first vine about 1/3 of the way up look to the right and you should see it. Simply throw your fist (wind it up) and get it.

(6)-Stage 3-At the end of the level before the sign you should see it.

-------- Anguish Lagoon, Dream Forest ------------------------------------------

(1)-Stage 1-Ride the first swinging plum to the left and get on the platform. Then helicopter (and jump) to the right and make it to the next platform. Jump back to the left and knock down the plum. Jump on the plum and grapple on to the ring and swing to the platform on the left. The Electroon Cage is there. (Helicopter and Grappling abilities are needed)

(2)-Stage 1-After getting (1) Simply fall and land on a tree and jump off of it and voila! (Just get (1) its easy as that LoL)

(3)-Stage 1-When you come upon the first falling flower just ride it on down. Then when you land you should find it.

(4)-Stage 1-After you reach the land after the two flowers jump to the right and get a ting, then a big flower should catch you. Go back to the land and get the Electroon.

(5)-Stage 1-Its right before the end of the stage.

(6)-Stage 2- While riding the Moskito you will see two platforms one (the top one) will be empty. You'll have to fake going under this platform to make the cage appear. After his jerk back up (it might take practice) and get it.

-------- Swamps of Forgetfulness, Dream Forest ---------------------------------

(1)-Stage 1-After the first enemy (it has a gun) the Electroon Cage is on the ledge above it.

(2)-Stage 2-Just jump on the hand and you'll see it fall.

(3)-Stage 2-When you get to the land area where there are to teethed jumping enemies knock down the plum into the water and ride it until you can't see the land anymore and go back. You should see it once you get back on land.

(4)-Stage 3-Jump on the plum and then climb up to the top of the vine. Then jump off to the right. When you land you'll see it.

(5)-Stage 3-Climb back up the vine and follow the tings (you'll need to helicopter) you'll land on a big flower and then you need to jump on the swinging plum. After that you jump on a small flower and jump to the next flower (helicopter) and to the platform after the second flower (helicopter). The Electroon is on the platform.

(6)-Stage 3-While your where (5) is jump to the swinging plum. Then get to a point where you have to jump. Jump and get the first 3 tings (don't helicopter) hold the D-Pad to the right. Get the next to tings (or pass them) and then helicopter while still holding right. You should land on a falling flower eventually. Then just make it up onto the swinging plum. Then just make it across to a land platform (its large) and the Electroon Cage should be there. Just jump off the right edge to land on the sign!

-------- Moskito's Nest, Dream Forest ------------------------------------------

(1)-Stage 1-At the beginning of the stage jump over the sign and onto a small tree (to the left). Then from there jump onto the larger tree. Then just jump off and voila!

(2)-Stage 1-After the photographer knock down the plum and ride it down the hill. Jump off of the plum (still on the hill) when you see the vine (its about halfway) then climb up the vine and go left. After quite a ways you'll see a giant gap! Jump out into it and some rings will appear. Simply go from ring to ring until you get to some land. Then just go left a ways and you'll see the 'Troon Cage"

(3)-Stage 1-When you reach the small flower (right after the lip thing) ride it up and when you see the vine on your right jump on it and climb down. The Electroons'll be waitin' on ya!

(4)-Stage 2-Jump on the tree to your left then jump to the other tree (smaller) above it. Then get back to the ground and walk right until you see it.

(5)-Stage 2-After the second photographer jump on the vine to the right and get the P. Then go back down to the photographer. You should see two small flowers. Jump on them and grab onto the vine. Jump to one side, knock the plum off, helicopter, and then land on the plum. Ride it to the left until you come upon the cage.

(6)-Stage 3-Near the end of the stage there'll be a small (itsy bitsy) platform with a plum above it. Knock the plum down and get it to the land on the right. This is the hard part: you'll need to hit the plum up the hill, so hit it and run after it. Then repeat this step until you knock it over the hill's end. Jump down (careful not to touch the sign) and knock the plum into the water. Ride it to get the 1-Up trophy and hen ride back and you should see the cage waitin' for you.

All the following was submitted by thnx (anonymous)

Have 99 Lives
Pause the game and press Left, Right, Down, Right, Left, R

Have all items
Pause the game and press R, Up, Left, Right, Left, L

Have every power
Pause the game and press Down, Left, Right, Left, Up, L

Pause the game and press Right, Up, Right, Left, Right, R

Restore Health
While playing press Start. Then press L, Down, Left, Up, Down, then R

Unlimited Continues
When you run out of lives and the Continue screen comes up, press UP DOWN RIGHT LEFT. Now press Start to continue (you must have at least 1 continue left for this to work), look at the number near the clock and you'll see that you didn't lose a single continue!
Note: Only works when you have three or fewer continues.

Unlock all levels
Pause the game and press Up, Left, Right, Down, Right, L
The levels circles won't be visible but you can get to them.

Avoid Evil Rayman
In Candy Chateau Stage 2, Evil Rayman first appears by collecting the spark in front of you when you start. Back off when you begin, than run, jump, and helicopter over the spark. Make sure don't touch it. Now you can make your away through the level without Evil Rayman!


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Boss Faq Tricks
Moskito 1
Difficutly: Easy
This boss shouldn't be trouble. He's way easy. The trick is to punch his face when he attacks or makes his all tough face. Five hits will exterminate him.

Moskito 2
Difficulty: Easy
This boss now makes mines. Avoid his mines and always punch him when he is his angry face. He has twelve health. Avoid his mines, charge and peg. Twelve hits will fully exterminate him.

Mr. Sax
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
This was hard for me but now it's medium. Mr. Sax creates notes. The cheat is to hit the notes at him. Soon he chases you. Notes will be scattered. Punch some back at him. If you hit them all at him he should be down around four health. This is the hardest part. He sends those fat notes that explodes into eight notes. Go between two of them. Punch notes back at him and soon he'll be tuned out. Oh and he also makes note bombs that explodes. I hope you can beat this.

Mr. Stone
Difficulty: Hard
This boss has many attacks and he's one of the hardest bosses. But if you're really quick it shouldn't be hard. He sends stonedogs, giant boulders that explode into smaller pieces and blasts. When he holds a big boulder punch it out of his hands and hit the smiley face spring totem pole and it'll hit his head. He'll then charge at you. Helicopter over him. Soon use the could then helicopter over to the other side. Eight hits will crumble him.

Opera Mama
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
This is a toughie. But the trick here of form 1 is defeat the pirates. The first one throws his earing at you. Like a boomerang. When he throws it punch him. Avoid the bombs and stay by the pirate but jump his earing. Three hits will make the ship go wild. Hit it three times. Avoid the quad-bomb attack. When the other pirate comes out hit the pirate twice when he holds the bomb and grab the P-Switch for Opera Mama. She throws knives like missiles. They aim for you. Avoid his spinning swords. When the knives go down bounce on it and punch Opera Mama's ugly face. She'll say oooooh. Weird. Six hits will slay her.

Space Mama
Difficulty: Hard
This is a hard boss. Really. The trick is like Opera Mama except this one requires more speed and she goes faster. Avoid her missile bombs and her lasers. A few hits at the helmet and he'll have a washing machine. Keep punching the washing machine till he disposes it and a few more punches at her will send her flyin'.

Mr. Skops
Difficulty: Medium
This boss is not too hard. First he makes the crystals on the ground fall in the lava. Avoid his claw and punch the fireballs in his face. He'll be mad soon. He'll do the same thing. Punch his fireballs at him until he gets fired.

Mr. Dark
Diffiuclty: Hard At First
This boss has a few forms.
Dark Doom: Stay between his fireballs. He doesn't have health and you can't punch. You'll get it after some avoiding.
Skopstone: Someone told me this two monsters fused is named this. Avoid Skops's claw and punch his face eight times.
Double Space Mamas: This is the hardest form. They shoot in crossfire. Hurt both of them eight times. Sometimes they can shoot eachother. Very Funny.
Mosaxito: I made up this name. Funny. Moskito shrinks you. When he jumps high like Mr. Sax did use the running ability or you'll be a small pancake for a mouse. Punch his face continuisly eight times and Mr. Dark will be defeated.


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99 Lives
Press Left, Right, Down, Right, Left, R.
all electoons
at the map press select and b above the level you want them on instantly you get all of the electoons!!! YAY!!
All Items
Press R, Up, Left, Right, Left, L.
All Powers
Press Down, Left, Right, Left, Up, L.
All Stages
Up, Left, Right, Down, Right, L.
Infinite Continues
At the Continue screen, press Up, Down, Right, Left, and Start to continue without using a continue.
Press Right, Up, Right, Left, Right, R.
Loads of lives
When you go on Anguish Lagoon ( I think this is the one where you ride the mosquito), keep playing that level for ages and you should get some lives.
Replenish Health
Press L, Down, Left, Up, Down, R.