Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii) Cheats

Rayman Raving Rabbids cheats, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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'Super Bonus'
To obtain the 'Super Bonus' which is an alternate ending, score at least 1000000 in Score mode!
Getting a certain amount of points in score mode will unlock the following!

Artwork 1 - 5000 Points
Bunnies Don't Like Taking a Bath - 9000 Points
Bunnies Don't Do Vacuum Cleaning - 21000 Points
Bunnies Can't Infiltrate Games Convention - 48000 Points
French Bastille Day - 57000 Points
Bunnies Can't Cook Eggs - 84000 Points
Artwork 2 - 93000 Points
Bunnies Never Close Doors - 111000 Points
Bunnies Can't Play Soccer - 138000 Points
US Independance Day - 165000 Points

Good Luck ^^.
Cultural reference 1
Time Crisis 2: In one of the On-Rail levels, Rayman jumps onto a train and ducks behind boxes to avoid fire in a similar fashion to the arcade game.
Cultural reference 3
Metal Gear Solid: In the "Bunnies Think They're in a Movie" minigame, the player will come across 2 bunnies with their back turned. They will then notice the player, and two green exclamation marks appear above their heads. In addition, the "Bunnies Can't Infiltrate Game Convention" video that was released on the web by Ubisoft a while ago can be unlocked in the game.
Cultural reference 4
Pulp Fiction: In the "Shake Your Booty!" minigame selection menu, the 3 puzzle pieces for Bunnies Are Fantastic Dancers Part 1/2/3 have two regular bunnies and Sergueï dressed as Vincent Vega, Mia Wallace and Jules Winnfield, The Vincent bunny is holding the trophy from Jack Rabbit Slims and the Mia bunny is holding a carrot in place of her cigarette. Bunnies Are Fantastic Dancers also features the song "Misirlou", which plays in the film as it's theme. When the player unlock "Misirlou", Rayman does the Vincent Vega dance.
Different Bunny Hunt Modes
Bunny Hunt Time Mode - Clear all games on Bunny Hunt Score Mode at least once
Bunny Hunt Survival Mode - Clear all games on Bunny Hunt Time Mode at least once
Don't get tired out.
To not get tired out make sure you have 2 people to 1 controller on story mode. When 1 person gets tired give the controller to the other person so that person 1 can have a rest.
Easter Egg that Ubisoft put into the game
Did you notice in some of the shooting mini-games that some of the Rabbids have headgear like Sam Fisher? It's a neat Easter Egg Ubisoft included into the game!
Finish the game easily.
After you complete 3 mini-games the main boss battle opens instead of playing all 4 just play the 3 and go to the boss battle. It makes the game much easier, and shorter ^_~. Good Luck.
Getting Perfect 1000's on shooting games
Ever wonder how, on the shooting games, you can score enough points to get the perfect 1000? We couldn't figure out what made a shot "good" "great" or "perfect" until we realized: on score mode of the shooting games, take your time and aim when shooting. Most of the time you can, and try to shoot 5 bunnies WITHOUT RELOADING. That is the key, not reloading between shots until you are actually out of ammo. Try it, that is the key to beating the score mode shooting games. You'll get more goods, greats, and perfects, and a higher score.
reference 5
Star Wars: An early piece of concept art portrayed the Bunny Emperor as resembling Jabba the Hutt, complete with a slave girl on a chain.
reference 6
Thriller: At the end of some of the dance stages, Rayman and the Rabbids perform the famous 'zombie dance'.
Unlock Challenge Mode
To Unlock Challenge Mode, complete the main story mode and a new option will appear on the main menu titled 'Challenge Mode'.
Unlock the Gold Cow Trophy
Beat all challenges in all challenges in Story Mode.


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Cultural references 2
Superman: The Clark character is a parody of the famous superhero. His name is a reference to the name of Superman's secret identity. In one of the ads, a rabbid wearing a Superman costume can be seeing flying across the background.
how to make a james bond 007 rayman



Storymode Unlockables
To unlock all of these complete all 4 mini-games + the boss battle of that specific day.

Bunny costume Clear all games on day 12
"The Butcher Deejay" for the jukebox Clear all games on day 13
"Dark Iron Bunnies" for the jukebox Clear all games on day 11
Raymaninho costume Clear all games on day 10
"La Bamba" for the jukebox Clear all games on day 09
Caramba costume Clear all games on day 08
"Hip Hop Hooray" for the jukebox Clear all games on day 07
Rock 'n Roll costume Clear all games on day 06
"Girls Just Want To Have Fun" for the jukebox Clear all games on day 05
Gothic costume Clear all games on day 04
"Good Time" for the jukebox Clear all games on day 03
Dee-Jay costume Clear all games on day 02
"Misirlou" for the jukebox Clear all games on day 01
"Ubisoft Montpellier Choir" for the jukebox Clear all games on day 14
Gold Cow Trophy on top of the wardrobe Clear all games on day 15