Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (Wii) Cheats

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Unlockable Costumes
To get gold, you must get 12,000 points on the given minigame.
UnlockableHow to unlock
CossackGet Gold on Chess
Crash Test DummyGet Gold on Shopping Cart Downhill
CupidGet Gold on Burgerinni
DoctorGet Gold on Anesthetics
FiremanShoot the Fireman Rabbid on Paris, Pour Troujours
French MaidGet Gold on Little Chemist
Fruit-Hat DancerShoot the Fruit-Hat Dancer on Year of the Rabbids
GingerbreadGet Gold on Hot Cake
HAZE ArmorShoot the HAZE Rabbid on Big City Fights
Indiana JonesGet Gold on Rolling Stone
Jet TrooperGet Gold on Greatest Hits
KenGet Gold on RRR Xtreme Beach Volleyball
MartianGet Gold on Bumper Cars
Party GirlShoot the Party Girl on Paris, Mon Amour
Raiders UniformGet Gold on American Football
Sam FisherGet Gold on Rabbid School
SamuraiGet Gold on The Office
Space Rabbid, RedGet Gold on Year of the Rabbids
Spider-ManGet Gold on Spider-Rabbid
TMNT LeonardoGet Gold on Usual Rabbids
TransformerGet Gold on Plumber Rabbids
Vegas ShowgirlGet Gold on Burp
VoodooGet Gold on Voodoo Rabbids


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Funky Town song
To unlock the Funky Town song, complete all the mini games once, then play all of them again one more time. Then you should of unlocked the song.
Unlock shooting games
Each trip you play unlocks a shooting game:

USA - Big City Fights
Europe - Paris #1 (Forgot name)
Asia - Year of the Rabbid
South America - Greatest Hits
Tropics - Paris #2 (Forgot Name)


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Beating High scores for music games
To have an easier time getting 12,000 on the music games, use an instrument with two stars. Not too easy, and not too hard. Here's what I suggest:

Papa's Got...: Trumpet
Satisfaction: Microphone
Smoke on the Water: Rock Guitar
Celebration: Piano
Teenager in Love: Drum
Funkytown: Synthesizer*

*The synthesizer is actually a three-star instrument, but is actually not that hard to play.
Rabbid Costumes
If You Play A Mini-Game And Beat The High Score Of 12,000 (On Normal), You Get A New Rabbid Costume OR... A New Rabbid To Customize.

P.S. If You Beat A Trip's High Score Of 72,000 (That's All 6 Games You've Played For That Trip), You Also Get A Rabbid Costume.

P.S.S. You Can Get High Scores In Freeplay Too, But It Has To Be On Normal.
Unlock all games
To unlock all games, do this:

To unlock the basic 25, do a trip without the Nunchuk.

To unlock the other 20, do a trip with the nunchuk.
Unlock Funky Town and Jukebox
Play every minigame at least once.
Unlock Space Rabbids
The Space Rabbids (as seen in one of the shooting games) can be unlocked. I do not remember how to get the green or the yellow, but I do remember how to get Red and Blue. Here they are:

Blue: Start out with him.
Red: Get 12,000 points on the shooting game where you fight him in.

I'm sorry I don't remember how to get Green or Yellow, but I will post it as soon as I remember.