Ratchet & Clank Cheats

Gadgetron Vendor
The Gadgetron Vendor is a virtual one-stop shopping center that is set up on every planet throughout the solar system.
Here Ratchet & Clank can shop for the latest Gadgetron high-tech weapons and ammunition using the Bolts they find along the way to purchase the goods.

To activate a Gadgetron Vendor, just walk yp to it and press the [Triangle] button. An on-screen menu will appear, offering up the current selection of weapons and ammo available.

To buy a weapon, gadget or ammo, highlight the corresponding icon on the bottom screen and press the [X] button to confirm the purchase.

The cost of the item is displayed in the left-hand screen while the amount of bolts you have is displayed in the top right corner.

When buying ammo, press the [X] button to choose the item, then use the left analog stick or digital pad to choose the amount.

When you are finished shopping, press the [Triangle] button to exit the Vendor.