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Ratchet & Clank Cheats

2 Gold Weapons Locations
You have the option of getting your Gold Weapons in 2 places. One involves beating the game, and the other does not but has a much smaller Selection.

Beat Game:
This way involves beating the game. When this is done, get to Novalis and when you get off your ship, there will be a white transporter. Go to where it takes you, which is basically right above you, and there will be a large selection of Gold Weapons to choose from.

Non-Beat Game: This was involves getting to Olantis Orbit and beating the entire level, and unlocking the transporter at the beginning. When this is done, take the transporter and it will take you to where you received your newest ship. Look around and you will see a large tower over a bridge. Go up to it and wall-jump up to the elevator. Then take that to the room with a small selection.