Ratchet & Clank Tips

The Annoying "Forcefield" Gold Bolts.
Hello! This is how you can get the 2 "Forcefield" gold bolts, 1 on Rilgar and the other on Oltanis Orbit.
In Rilgar on the way to the Hoverboard Races,after the big green room with alot of green slug monsters, there is an area with red forcefields.Right next to the square you start on there is a gold bolt next to you,but the switch is broken.To get there you must get to the end of the maze,then stand on the rising platform.If you look towards the Gold Bolt you will see that you can jump on top of the walls.Do that and walk from one wall to the other.You must be VERY CAREFUL not to fall off.
The Oltanis Orbit one is in the room where the green acid is rising up and down and there is 1 platform that the acid dosn't reach.If you look to your left while standing on that platform you will see a gold bolt behind a forcefield.To reach this Gold Bolt you must destroy every generator in the station.