Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando review
Great Sequel

The good:

- Ratchet is a great main character and has a lot of interesting qualities.
- Clank is a fun and very cool side-kick. He adds so much to this game, such as controllable robots and the ability to kick some butt with metal punches of power!
- Interesting storyline that has some twists and turns. Much better than the first game because it doesn't follow the same path.
- Great weapons! There is so much destruction that follows throughout the game, such as very strong weapons and upgradable ones. There are even some weapons thrown in there for fun, such as a weapon that turns enemies into cute little sheep!
- More and Larger levels that make the game longer and more enjoyable.
- Hoverbike races that are fast paced, very fun, and different. They also get harder as you keep playing and there are 2 different tracks. Much better that hoverboard races.
- More Giank Clank battles, meaning more destruction.
- Sphere planets that are very cool.
- Enemies are much harder.
- There are things to do after you beat the game, and the challenge gets even harder.
- Weapons are harder to get because everything costs more.
- Funny sutscenes.
- A lot of unlockables and cheats.
- Harder boss battles.
- RPG-esque

The bad:

- No Suck Cannon.
- Froze a few times in the game.
- Not enough bosses.
- Final boss is easier than R&C1's final boss.
- Certain enemies didn't get strong enough in Challenge mode.
- 2nd last planet was not a fun 2nd last planet. There should have been a planet in beetween it and the last planet.
- Not enough HoverBike races and Space Battles.
- The weapons we got from the R&C1 game were not good choices (with the exception of the Tesla Claw).
- The great shield makes it impossible to ever die. A little too good.


This is a very great game and the perfect sequel. It adds so much to an already great game. So much variety and cool changes. Would have gotten a 5 if it had my favorite weapon from the first game, the Suck Cannon and fixed some of its minor problems. Since this game is very new, go out and try it because you will like what you see. It blows the competition away.

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