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Surprisingly Amazing

The good:

- New and returning Weapons and Gadgets
- Very interesting storyline!! Funny cutscenes.
- One of the most fun games in the series
- Gorgeous graphics
- Love all the new gameplay aspects. So many different things to do!
- Straight-forward weapon upgrade system
- Many fun and challenging puzzles. They really make you think!
- New Ratchet and Clank "together interaction" gameplay is very cool and fun. Finally they did this in a R&C game!
- Suck Cannon as a gadget makes so much sense (can also be used as a weapon). Love the Suck Cannon gameplay aspects.
- New Swingshot "animation" is so much more exciting than in past games. Lots of swingshot parts in game!
- Increased weapon damage over time system is a nice addition
- Different types of enemies, such as: normal, flying, armored, electric-charged, etc.
- Many skill points
- Huge bosses that require some strategy
- Swingshot, magnet boot paths, vehicle use, jet skiing, grindboot paths, jet packs, snowboarding, zip-lining
- Critter collection is fun, and their minigame and purpose is great
- Best grindboot and swingshotting of the entire series
- Clank heals you when you die, unless he is dead too
- Ending of game left open for more games
- Ammo pads

The bad:

- Fixed camera!!!
- Storyline is confusing at times
- Game as a whole is too easy and dumbed down from the challenge of the rest of the series
- In offline mode, you only play as Ratchet and Clank, not the four people. Qwark and Nefarious only show up in cutscenes, which makes little sense
- The only comedy comes from Nefarious and Qwark's conversations
- Purpose of collecting Critters throughout the game is not made clear at the start
- Increased weapon damage system "time slow down" final explosion
- Weapon upgrade system is so basic, and takes almost all the fun away from using your weapons (since you cannot upgrade by using them and killing enemies)
- No arena battles, vehicle races, space battles
- Not enough magnet boot and grind boot paths
- No charge boots, Clank helicopter
- Gold Bolts are too easy to find
- Skill points are not fun or challenging to get
- Weapon selection on joystick!
- Clank hinders you a lot during gameplay, as does the fixed camera. Cause a lot of glitches
- RYNO confusion at the end of the game (I do not have the RYNO and do not know why? Apparently I missed something somehow?)
- No clue how to change skins!
- No bolts to crank
- Not enough bosses
- No clear way to save up bolts for purchases


I am so surprised that this game was basically completely ignored by critics and fans of the series. In terms of game play and variety, this is one of the best R&C titles in the whole series. I was not excited for this game at all for some reason, but after renting it, I could not put it down. It is so much fun. I will focus on the negatives of the game first.

I do think the game is great, but it could have really been so much better. Compared to all the other games in the series, it feels so dumbed down. Most aspects of the game are way too easy, and as a fan of the whole series, I was disa...


friends don't let friends play dull games


Let me repeat that – friends don't let friends play DULL games. Ratchet And Clank: All 4 One isn't necessarily bad, but compared to every other Ratchet And Clank game, it is extremely crap. Hell, on its own, it's pretty boring, which is something I thought I'd never say about a Ratchet And Clank game, even the portable ones! Maybe it's the fact that Insomniac wanted it to be a co-op game, but playing this on your own... just don't. Instead, get A Crack In Time or Tools Of Destruction, and play those. Much better games. Seriously, All 4 One can die in a hole for all I care.

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