Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Cheats

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One cheats, Trophys, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Keep the Meter Running (Bronze)Don't let the air taxi take damage in Luminopolis.
Bomb Disposal (Silver)Blow up 85% of the exploding crates in Aldaros Plains.
El Matador (Bronze)No one gets hit by a grove beetle in the Deadgrove.
On Some Planets They're a Delicacy (Silver)Shoot all of the slorgs back into the waters of Octonok Cay.
It Was Like That When We Got Here (Bronze)Destroy all of the towers in Gorthon Crater.
A Moment of Reflection (Bronze)Use only Reflectors to destroy the generators in Phonica Moon's security tunnels.
Mission Improbable (Bronze)Get through the laser walls at the end of Uzo City in 45 seconds.
Night Lights are for Wimps (Bronze)Get through Rossa Fields without using any of the energy repositories.
The Mad Plasmabomber (Bronze)Kill eight enemies with one shot.
Pyromancer (Bronze)Barbecue four enemies at the same time using the Pyro Blaster.
Knockout Artist (Bronze)Kill three enemies with one attack using the Blitzer.
Fine, But You're Cleaning Up After Them (Bronze)Get 10 critters on screen at once.
Eight Seconds (Bronze)Kill eight enemies in eight seconds using the Darkstar Fission Tether with two or more teammates.
Zurkon the Legend (Bronze)Kill 100 enemies with Mr. Zurkon out.
Melee Legend (Bronze)Kill 150 enemies with melee.
Q-Force Legend (Bronze)Kill 50 enemies in a row using melee without taking damage.
Doppelbanger Legend (Bronze)Destroy 30 enemies while they're distracted by the Doppelbanger.
Quantum Deflector Legend (Bronze)Absorb 500 shots with the Quantum Deflector.
Zoni Legend (Bronze)Kill 15 enemies that have been slowed down by the Zoni Blaster.
Cloaker Legend (Bronze)Kill 15 enemies while using the Cloaker.
Quick Killer (Bronze)Kill eight enemies in two seconds.
Overload Legend (Bronze)Use the Co-op overload to kill 60 enemies.
Life Support (Bronze)Revive a teammate with one second left on their timer. (2P +)
Friendship through Firepower (Bronze)Buy your first weapon.
Upping your Arsenal (Silver)Buy half of the weapons.
For the Zombie Apocalypse (Gold)Buy all of the weapons.
Tricked Out (Silver)Fully upgrade one weapon.
Upgraded (Gold)Fully upgrade all weapons.
Galactic Hero (Silver)Kill 500 enemies.
Vac-U Legend (Bronze)Kill 50 enemies with the Vac-U 4000.
The Bolt Banker (Silver)Have 100,000 bolts banked.
The First Million is Always the Hardest (Gold)Have 1,000,000 bolts banked.
Waiting Room (Bronze)Reach the lobby. (2P +)
Connected (Bronze)Play an online game. (2P +)
Old-School (Bronze)Play a single-player game.
Couch Potato (Bronze)Play an offline-only game. (2P +)
Secret Trophies-


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Skill points.
this are the skill points i found. if you've got any more you have permission to update.
UnlockableHow to unlock
A Band of WeirdosGet through luminopolis without a single hero dying.
Public MenaceDestroy all of the consumer bots in Luminopolis
Better Luck next TimeBeat a gravoid brute without getting hit by a missle. any location
Judgment daythrow clank or nefarious into the incierator in the minion training center.
gold stars for everyonedispose of all the trash balls in the first incinerator in seven seconds. in the minion training center.
hold your grounddon't let the gravoids take more than five pieces of ground in aldaros plains
deadlocked and loadeddefeat all of the arena enemies with your melee weapons in Aldaros plains
Have you two met?Get one proton turrent to kill another in the deadgrove
treasure hunterquakehammer all of the ground in deadgrove
back to workbreak the water cooler in the deadgrove
terminal velocitydon't use the jetpack for 30 second in Deadgrove
Crate HaterBreak all of the floating crates in the Deadgrove
Jetpack MasterDon't touch any of the hazards using the jetpack
it burns when i touch itdon't touch the lava floor
100% pure adrenalinemake it up the wind tunnel in 20 seconds N.E.S.T.
master infiltratorget through the sorting facility without being spotted by the sentry minions N.E.S.T.
PAGING MR. PERKINSdon't get hit by mr. perkins
grind rail aceavoid all of the hazards on the final grind rail in R.E.S.T
gone fishin'get all of the goody reels in Octonok Cay
the conductoravoid being damaged by the conductor panels in Octonok Cay
rusty pete would be proudnavigate the waters of octonok without damaging any of the rafts in the Octonok cay
team spiritsave a hero from the spotlight in Terrawatt forest
on planet Magnus, Vegetables eat youDon't get eaten by a venixx in Terrawatt forest
ace pilotreach phonica moon without taking damage
keep it greenskip a fuel tank during the flight to phonica moon
cold hearteddestory all of the icicles
demolitiopn expertdestory all of the pyromite generators in polar sea
pain don't hurtbeat the grungoth with only your melee weapon
the pacifistget past the sentry minions without getting killed or killing them
combuster apprenticekill 50 enemies with the combuster
combuster masterkill 100 enemies with the combuster
combuster legendkill 200 enemies with the combuster
hail to the chiefcomplete game with qwark
master of evilcomplete the game with nefarious
son of orvuscomplete the game with clank
son of kadencomplete with game with ratchet
forever alonebeat the game with the bot.
good griefbeat the game in grief mode (found in the cheats menu)
the qwark award for excellenceget the n00b award at four most wanted screens in a row
the green-eyed monsterget bolt master at four most wanted screens in a row
dream crusherdouble second place's bolt count
the bolt collectorhave 25,000 bolts banked
mortar slam apprenticemortar slam ten enemies
making the gradebuy your first upgrade
guarian angelrevive the same teammate twice in a row with at least two additional human players.
medicrevive five teammates
nurserevive ten teammates
docotorrevive 15 teammates
melee apprenticekill 50 enemies with melee
melee masterkill 100 enemies with melee


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Hero Bolts location.
In the past games the big shiny Bolts are rare and sometimes hard to find, in each game they came in different kinds of bolts from gold to platnium or titanium. but in All 4 One they are known as Hero Bolts, about 36 bolts in all for EACH charater to collect. when you find one the other three are right next to it but you can only get by the charater who's color matches. Ratchet is orange, clank is blue, qwark is green and nefarious is purple.

There are no Hero Bolts in Luminopolis so don't try to look for them here.

ALDAROS PLAINS total of 36 bolts (9 for each charater)

Detention cell:
there is one under a glass container at the end of lesson three (you can see this one as soon as you enter the room)
Right of the exit door at the end of the lesson four (easily notice)

Outside Receiving Station:
In the middle of the first stretch of collapsing brown rocks (careful once the floor falls all bolts will fall as well)
Headright after landing in a semi-circle of exploding crates atop lava rock.
On the far end of the rock island before the zipline leading to susie's village

Village Entrance:
On a metal platform between the two bridges to the right of Susie's village entrance
To the left of the first Pyromite Spawner

Village outskirts:
Right of the Checkpoint following the fight under the energy shield
On the left after the hookshot spring follow secret lab #2. (find this one and you find the next lab)

THE DEADGROVE total of 20 bolts (5 for each charater)
Orthani Gorge:
On a ledge to the right after taking the launch pad following the fight with two proto turrents.

Root Cavern:
On a platform after descending upon mushroom tops via the right mushroom top. (needs all players to go to the same direction or you won't see it)
Following the collapsing ramp on a platform above the destroyed metal gate.

Access shaft:
Behind the flass wall during the first jetpack section. (all players go in the same direction)

Mining camp:
next to secret lab 3, (for a secret lab number 1 and 3 are easy to find)

N.E.S.T a total of 20 (5 each)
Elerox pass:
On the ledge after the pulley lift thingy immediately before Vertigus Cliffs (if the scannor minon gets you you cannot go back to get the hero bolt)

Vertigus Cliffs:
Following the Pully Lift. (another one, not the same one)

N.E.S.T Entrence:
To the left after exiting wind tunnel elevator shaft fans (all players same direction)
On the right in the first room after re-entering the facility on the rail system

Rehabitation Center:
On the right after descending the elevator following Commander Spog fight. (all Players same direction)

OCTONOK CAY total of 20 bolts (5 each)
Just after first swingshot section
After the second swingshot section. (if one player runs ahead in both of them than you are going to miss them)

after the first win fan

Reef Shallows
On the left before the first turn (easily noticeable but team must work together to get it)

Top of LightHouse
Beside the fallen King Sepiad. you can easily see it when exiting the lift.

TERAWATT FOREST total of 16 bolts (4 each)
Kaleero Trail
After the shielded arena battle
Near Guardian tractor beam

Rossa Fields
After the second Rossa Fields energy Tower thingy.

Exploratorium Power Station:
AFter deploying third cable cannon. (don't rush because you'll miss it)

PHONICA MOON total of 12 bolts (3 each)
Phonica craters
bottom-left of landing pad

Security tunnels:
Behind ion Turrent at the first rotating platform (one player sheilds another jumps ahead and sheilds while another jumps ahead and sheilds and last player tosses a granade to kill it. )

Dr. Croid's Secret Lab (HA!)
Bottom-left of elevator platform after escaping Security Tunnels.

POLAR SEA: total of 4 (one each, this might be the easiest level to get all the bolts.)
Middle of Nowhere
below grummelnet vendor at crashsite.

UZO CITY total of 16 bolts (4 each)
City Ruins:
Right side of rightmost platform after leaving train
On side-Scrolling bounch pads
Upper-left corner of area with spinning turret

Last Hallway before core.

and ofcourse if you find them you can unlock skins. i won't tell what kind of skins though that's for you to figure out yourself.