Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters Unlockables

The Treehouse
there's a second way into the treehouse, but you need to hace the Polarizer to do this, so all you have to do is:

1.set your browser's timer to 2:55 A.M.
2.go to Metalis
3.go to the metal gate that has a Polarizer target on it and fire the polarizer at it
4.there should be a deathcourse behind it, complete it within 5 minutes and you should end up in a room with a lot of crates and a teleporter
5. use the teleporter and you should end up in your ship and you should see it in space and it flying to a planet that says "Insomniac Museum"
6.thats all you've gotta do!

and by the way on step one, you can set it earlier than 2:55 if you think you need more time than 5 minutes.

I forgot the website(s)I got this cheat from
UnlockableHow to unlock
mini turretfind all titaniam bolts in every planet except clanks head