Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters Unlockables

Unlockable Stage
there's a second way into the treehouse, but you need to hace the Polarizer to do this, so all you have to do is:

1.set your browser's timer to 2:55 A.M.
2.go to Metalis
3.go to the metal gate that has a Polarizer target on it and fire the polarizer at it
4.there should be a deathcourse behind it, complete it within 5 minutes and you should end up in a room with a lot of crates and a teleporter
5. use the teleporter and you should end up in your ship and you should see it in space and it flying to a planet that says "Insomniac Museum"
6.thats all you've gotta do!

and by the way on step one, you can set it earlier than 2:55 if you think you need more time than 5 minutes.

I forgot the website(s)I got this cheat from
UnlockableHow to unlock
Challenge ModeBeat the game
The TreehouseGet 25 Skill Points
train fastercomplete the"tranining" in 1:32
don't rock the boatcompete the boat without geting hit
do cows get crabbyturn 25 crabs into cows
Mootatorcomplete all clank arena challenges on dayni moon
fire bombwild fire gloves rest mega bomb
shock crystalelectro helm+boots rest crystalix
wildburstsludge helm rest wildfire
trplewavewildfire helm electro body+boots slugde gloves
Ice 2crysalyx helm rast hyperborean
Stalkerwildfire helm chamelon body and boots sludge gloves
Bury the pygimesget bury blossoms to eat 5 pygmies tridesmeb(Rylus) (little yellow geezers=trbes men Big flowers=bury blossoms)
Lights Camera actionkill 11 floating camers(Ryllus)
Ship itBreak all the crates on the level (Ryllus)
Explossive ordinance disposaldesrtoy all bombs in gravity sphere (kalidon)
Super lombaxKill 25 enemys in a row without getting hit (Kalidon)
Be a cool sky boarderwin a race with out using boost(kalidon)
Shut outWin a gadey bot toss withou opponent scoring(metalis)
Terror of the skiesDo giant clank challenge and get over 600 pionts(900 in challenge mode)(metalis)
Ultimate GladiatorComplete all clank arena challenges(Metalis)
Friends dont hurt friendIn dream time dont get hit in giant clank fight
Night terrorscomplete enemy waves on last island in under 45 seconds(Dreamtime)
BE an awsome sky borderCo,plete masters challenge in under 3:25 (medical omega)
Take them down a shockKill 23 shok troopers without dying
Wool ProtestComplete level 8 without killing any Angry Rams(Dainy Moon)
quick killercomplete pokitaru without taking a single hit
Storm the frontComplete the enemy portion of level 10 in less than 1:45
Ratchet...Just RatchetBeat the enemy segment using only the wrench
Do Cows Get CrabbyTurn 26 crabs into cows with the Mootator/Armoogeddon.
High Tech weopen masterBeat the enemy segment without lacerator,Acid bomb glove,concussion gun,shock rocket,laser tracer,sniper mine or the RYNO