Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters Glitches

skyboard..........without your skyboard!
just as the title, you can skyboard without your skyboard. it's easy to do.

step one: equip stalker armor set
step two: go to any skyboard challenge
step three: during the countdown, if you jump, your skyboard will still be on the ground.
step four: jump in the air around 2 or 3.
step five: if you are still in the air when the countdown is 0, you'll take off without your board!

you could still use your boost, but if you crash, you will have your board, and if you complete a lap without crashing, your board will still be laying, and if you are boosting while in sight of the finish line, you will see your board shooting flames out of it.

(note: i don't know about your armor set. i just had stalker equipped when i did this)