[edit] Background

On vacation following the events of their last PS2 crusade (Deadlocked), Ratchet and Clank have decided to take it easy for awhile on the beaches of a lush tropical planet. Unfortunately for them, their peace is short-lived as it doesn't take long before they meet up with Luna, a young photojournalist writing a grade school report on intergalactic superheroes. After pestering the duo to the point of submission, Luna begins to follow the Lombax and his Robot sidekick as they explore the local sands. Soon thereafter, the unthinkable happens (or thinkable if you're used to videogame jumping off points) and Luna is kidnapped by a forgotten society of genius inventors called "The Technomites." From that moment on, things get messy as Ratchet and Clank set out to rescue her.

[edit] Gameplay

Ratchet and Clank are back for some destructive fun. Use your various explosive weapons to take out enemies and some aspects of the nearby scenery. Use your swingshot to traverse small courses and get you around levels. Play as Clank and control your Gadgebots, use Giant Clank for space battles, and even use Clank in some special arena battles (that closely mimic Robot Wars). Along the adventure, you are in for various examples of fun and destruction.

[edit] Features

  • Ratchet and Clank on the PSP for the first time
  • Plenty of destructive weapons for Ratchet to use, and upgrade to more powerful weapons (by experience and mods)
  • Upgradable armor, this time in pieces that complete a set (not just one entire armor)
  • Clank returns as a playable character, and even has Giant Clank space battles and some special arena battles (similar to Robot Wars)
  • Titanium Bolts return - find them all!
  • The game can also be found on the PS2 system (after being ported)

This game is also known as Ratchet & Clank 5: Gekitotsu! Dodeka Ginga no MiriMiri Gundan in Japan.

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Insomniac releases new Ratchet and Clank story trailer, see Solana through Qwark's eyes

The Galactic Rangers are back for more on PS4 AND the big screen

Mar 28 at 11:35am, by Maxfield Navarro | 1 comment
Ratchet & Clank Japanese anniversary videos are bizarre

But equally entertaining

Aug 28, 2012, by Sean Ridgeley | 4 comments

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Apr 28, 14 6:52pm
Idk why i got this game RatchetandClankSizeMatters
May 14, 10 10:55pm
Tryig to get cheat codes to work RatchetandClankSizeMatters
Mar 19, 10 2:23pm
Need 7 more skill points to have the tree house.I got the Ryno already and everything. RatchetandClankSizeMatters
Feb 20, 10 7:12am
I rented this and beat it but I don't own it....:( RatchetandClankSizeMatters
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8/10 RatchetandClankSizeMatters
Nov 29, 09 5:45pm
Not played this game much. RatchetandClankSizeMatters
Aug 19, 09 11:38am
Ratchet and Clank, my favorite PS2 game series of all time. RatchetandClankSizeMatters
Vergil Ties
Aug 10, 09 9:35pm

I remember playing through Ratchet And Clank: Size Matters on the PSP, and having a...

Aug 3, 09 4:25am
Not really played on this to much so i dunno. <(^.^)> RatchetandClankSizeMatters
Hatchet Boy
Jun 8, 09 2:56pm
2nd best psp game RatchetandClankSizeMatters
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    • May 11, 2007 (PSP)
  • Australia:
    • Mar 27, 2008 (PS2)
    • May 24, 2007 (PSP)
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