Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

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The future of 3D Platformers

The good:

Looks like a Pixar Movie
Large variety of weapons
Clank levels are an improvement from previous games
The best of the Ratchet and Clank games so far

The bad:

Spaceship battle levels can be frustrating when getting the skill points/gold bolt
Gold bolts can only buy skins
An ageing structure


Without spoiling too much, the main aim of this game is to stop Emperor Percival Tachyon, a Cragmite, and the dictator of the Polaris Galaxy. Along the way you will also run into Space Pirates and other enemies. Entering a new Galaxy, the weapons are no longer supplied by Gagetron, Megacorp or Pox Industries, but they are now supplied by GrummelNet. The only Gagetron weapon in the game is the standard super-weapon, the R.Y.N.O. This time however, instead of spending ages grinding millions of bolts to buy one, you have to collect 13 Holo-Plans on the various planets, and during the course of...


Ratchet and Clank at it's best

The good:

- Ratchet and Clank on the PS3! The fun returns to the series; easily one of the best games out for the system
- Almost everything from past games and more can be done in the game
- Very interesting storyline; very "epic", especially for R&C; will cross multiple games for the first time
- Gorgeous graphics, environments, cutscenes, and gameplay cinematics (the best in a R&C game so far); levels are huge and there is lots to do in each; you even go back to certain planets as the game progresses; level sounds and music are awesome as usual
- Two great weapon upgrade systems; they were both very useful and nice; very good customization; tons of weapon upgrading
- Lots of great and useful weapons, such as the Razor Claws and Mag-Net Launcher
- The Clank parts of the game are very fun as usual
- Can customize Ratchet's armor a few times
- Cool space battles; really show off the amazing graphics and power of the PS3; very dramatic cinematics
- Grind Railing also really shows off the games graphics; very dramatic cinematics
- Tons of things to smash and blow up in every level
- Finally a use for raretarium; lots of use for your money in the game
- The game was actually challenging for me, a first for a R&C game, especially in Challenge Mode
- The Zoni are really fun to use
- Enemies are strong, and some even have shields, as well as hide behind objects in the environment; great enhancement to the enemies and challenge of the game; some weapons do not work on some enemies
- Tons of skill points; various different things to do in each level
- Map system looks very nice
- A few cool bosses, some strategy involved in some of them; lots of minibosses
- Robo-Wings and the Geo-Laser are very cool gadgets; so much fun
- Interesting door hacking gadget/minigame
- Special bolt collecting is back, and buys you some cool outfits for Ratchet; collection of Leviathan Souls is the new moonstone/crystal collection
- You cannot just simply buy the games strongest weapon, the newest RYNO; you have to find blueprint pieces throughout the game and make it (it's awesome that they made this happen because I suggested this a few years ago, as a future way to get this weapon); great way of getting the best weapon
- Re-viewing cutscenes from past levels is really great; they become movies and reminders of the great story and game graphics
- Other than Going Commando, this game is one of the longest games in the series in terms of length to beat the game
- It is blatantly obvious that there will be a sequel, which is awesome

The bad:

- Though the ending is interesting, I still am not completely content with the way the game was ended
- Just when I would have actually played some R&C online, there is no online gameplay (this is actually annoying and funny at the same time)
- Not enough gadget use, swingshot use, grindrailing, use of Clank, cutscenes
- No races, no arena battles, no vehicles (the lack of both is very disappointing)
- No ship upgrades, colors, etc
- More characters from the past would have been nice, not just Qwark and the Plumber
- Would have been nice to see more of the powerful normal enemies in the game, as well as the tiny weak ones
- Past games are funnier; not enough humor
- Would have loved to see some Squad missions with your allies
- Combat devices are pretty useless; not enough ammo, and it's too expensive; the Morpher was better as a weapon; also, the Groovitron should not be able to be used on bosses (makes things too cheap)
- Though I like the space battles of the game, I would have also liked to see the return of the space battles of Going Commando
- Some weapons get weak really fast in the game
- It would be nice if we got some new cheats, rather than the same ones in every R&C game
- Would have loved some more actual bosses
- Door hacking minigame is very annoying and difficult as the game progresses; if you get stuck on a few, it can really distract you from the game/gameplay
- I would have loved more levels because they were all so great


Future Tools of Destruction is BY FAR the best Ratchet and Clank game ever made. It has almost everything that past games in the series have had, mixed with AMAZING, beautiful graphics and music/sounds, the return of fun gameplay, and an awesome storyline that is going to cross at least two games on the PS3.

The story of the game is pretty interesting. Without giving anything away, you have to learn about the origins and past of the Lombax race, which was nice. There are a few twists, and all-in-all the story is very epic-like. It will even cross into another game, which is a first for the s...

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