Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Cheats

Holo-Plan Locations
Kortog (Stratus City): Get your Robo Wings and follow the Zoni rings. Launch the Robo Wings again. Fly to the middle of the map. Press Select and look for a diamond shape with four circles as the corners. Land here. There will be two ways to go, either will work. Work your way through the enemies to the northern-most corner. Break these boxes and you will have the holo-plan for this planet.
Mukow: Get all the statue pieces and go through the tunnel of death thing. Take the Ferris wheel up the right side. About halfway up, jump and glide to the right. You will reach an area with a number of crates. A Holo-plan is hidden within them.
Nundac Asteroid Ring: Go to one of the farthest outer asteroids on Delta directly beside a box by one of the green launch pads. It is the one further away from the teleporter. You must swing your way over there across two gaps.
Androlis: Before taking the elevator to the warp pad back to your ship there is a door to the right. Use a heli-pod on it and go to the right. There will a chest of Raritanium and crates. Smash the crates to find the Holo-plan.
Rykan V: Go to the "town" area where your ship and all the sales-bots are located. At one edge of the area is a river of lava flowing out from under some big structures. Jump up and cross the river. Do a hand-over-hand on the first ledge of the cylindrical structure on the furthest corner of the "town" away from the ship. Then, jump up when you have to and walk the rest of the way across. In the farthest corner of the platform is a "box" with a force field on one edge and a platform with a Helipod target on it. Jump into the box from the platform to the left of it. Use your Helipod to raise it high enough to get to the platform next to it. Break boxes there to find the Holo-plan.
Sargasso: Climb onto the dinosaur standing on two of the tri-pads near the Gold Bolt. Once you get about halfway up his spine, jump to the building. Another option is to use the Robo-Wings to get there.
Kreeli Comet: When you use the magnetic track to get past the pirate cannons, jump out and glide down to the land below. You will be directly outside a pirate doorkeeper. Behind you is a swingshot target. Swing across to get to the Holo-plan piece.
Viceron: After finally exiting Zordoom Prison, you will be on a grav-ramp. The path to the left leads back to your ship, but to the right is a very short detour with a Holo-plan piece. When you revisit the planet, you can take a taxi back to the end of the level, then hop off the taxi. The piece is on the platform before you take the taxi back to your ship. Instead of heading towards the taxi, turn around. The Holo-plan is in a set of boxes directly opposite the taxi. Note: The taxi is on the left, the Holo-plan is on the right.
Jacindu (Kurchu City): Take the aboveground path from where you land. Kill the little bug eyed enemies until you get to some Pirates in an open area before you go under a bridge. As you approach the open area from the path, stop between the two rocks where the first pirate is found. Kill him before you just stand there. Look directly to your right. There is a ledge about a double jump high in the face of the rock of the right wall of the open area. Up there is a Raritanium chest with the Holo-plan piece inside.
Ublik (Slag's Fleet): After you take the first ship across, fight your way to an area with a Bolt Crank. To your right is a magna-path that will take you around behind the building. You will find some Raritanium chests, etc., and a path that leads to a ship. Do not follow the path yet. Smash things up and run around until you find the Holo-plan.
Reepor: There are two gun-control turrets that your robot friends use to take out the force field. There is a platform in front of the control room to your right that you must jump across open space to reach. You can see it easily because it has a cluster of eight crates on it. Smash them and take the Holo-plan.
Igliak (Meridian): There is a big domed room about midway through the level with a trench in the middle. You can fall through the city if you fall in it. In the right-hand corner from where you enter, before the trench and up on a ledge is a group of boxes. It contains the Holo-plan.
Fastoon (return visit): If you do not want to fight Tachyon, you must do this before Ratchet and Talwyn open the final chamber. When you use the Decrypter to get into the area outside the final showdown, keep to the right wall. Smash crates and other objects as you go. It is very easy to find if you stay along that wall.