: : : : : : : Waiting For players glitch (online 2+ players not local)

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Glitches

Waiting For players glitch (online 2+ players not local)
Create/Join a game and wait until the game is started. You need to be using ethernet to do this.
Once the game starts it will say Loading...
Wait until the preview of the level shows, 2 seconds after it starts, unplug the ethernet cable. You will be temporarily offline, and everyone's game will be waiting for a response from you, put the ethernet cable back in the game in less then 15 seconds to be able to resume online play or connection response attempt will time out and you will have to restart your whole multiplayer connection. When the ethernet cable is plugged back in after a couple seconds the game will start and people will think some1 did a cord pull, but every1 that joined was in the game and nobody left =D