Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Tips

Easy Upgrading for Weapons!
Okay, don't buy the flux rifle until you get to Koros, then buy it and destroy the small floating robots who shoot at you with it, and you will get mega XP (and that means upgrade to V2 in 3 or 4 hits)! Once it is upgraded to V3, it is powerful enough to destroy the giants rocket-shooting robots... destroy them and the bar will half-fill instantly!

Once you have the Miniturret Glove, and have unlocked the Boss 'Scorpio' in Annihilation Nation, go there and take off no more than 2/3 of his health. Then take out the Miniturrets and place enough down to destroy him. Your upgrading bar will fill by at least 70%! Keep doing this until you have upgraded it fully... it only takes about 5 minutes to fully upgrade it from V1 to V2!

Okay, so don't buy it until the part where you rescue the Starship Phoenix from invaders (after Qwark's Hideout). Once there, buy the Disc Blade Gun immediately and kill the Ninjas. The bar will fill so quickly you will be amazed! It take only about 4 ninjas to upgrade it to V2!

Simply kill that dastardly duo, Gary and Helen, and watch as the upgrade bar fill nicely.