Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Cheats

Underground Wrenchwalking Glitch
Can only do in Hoven Gorge. First you stand on the blue base teleporter. Turn to your right, then do 2 lag jumps (one right after the other) toward the right side of the last pipe on the right. Note: near this pipe there should be some light colored snow. At the end of the 2nd lag jump immediately do a hyperstrike and you will now be able to walk behind the pipes which you normally can't do. Climb the pipes and you will come to a big U shaped bowl facing away from the blue base. Run into one of the big cracks in the wall and climb the big U shaped bowl. Go to your left until you you reach the snow on the big ledge. You will come to a big tower. Look down and you will see a little ledge, jump onto the ledge and you will see a step, jump backwards once and then forwards once and you will be hanging onto the ledge. You will see a couple pointy snow pieces when you look down to your left. Jump into the one closest to you and then push your analog stick backwards. You will fall onto a big platform. You will be behind lots of pipes. You will see a small path and a rock, get your wrench out and walk off the path on the right side of this rock, and now you are UNDERGROUND!!! You can only wrench walk while you are underground or you will die!! Also, don't go under the bridge or you will freeze and die!!