Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Tips

Go on pipe with one guy at(Hoven gorge)
ok this is a realy cool glitch to go on the pipes
behind the blue base with only one person! ok first go on telopoter and fase the base and if you turn
right you will look at these three pipes ok so look
at it and go forward so your in front of the big base node on the right side of the base and then
go between the pipes by chargebooting there but just when you half way inside turn back then keep shooting untill your inside then make it to the top
of the middle pipe then jump onto the right one then
walk on the yellow(light) on the pipe then start
walking to the left and get out your gun then make the aimer's right edge to the green pipe the start running up when you stop Double jump and you should be on the green pipe.