Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Cheats

Online Glitches
OK, I haven't gotten every online glitch for this game, but I have a lot. I'm sorry, but the pictures didn't come through, so you might not know what I'm talking about. Here they are.

Every Level
1)This is a really cool glitch. You can do it in any level. Follow these steps in order to do it:
STEP 1: Get out the swing shot. You must actually pull it out or else this won't work.
STEP 2: Face a swingshot target.
STEP 3: Chargeboot towards the swingshot target and latch on.
STEP 4: Don't press anything or move except for holding down circle.
STEP 5: Wait until Ratchet reaches his maximum height on the swingshot.
STEP 6: Press square and your player will fly sky high!

2)This isn't a glitch, but I like to call it the Charge-n-jump. Not many people know how to do it, although it is so simple that I could figure it out. This "glitch" helps you get to other glitch areas. All you have to do is chargeboot anywhere and keep pressing X. If you do it correctly, you should perform a double jump at the end and it should launch you a short distance.

Outpost X12
1)First, get into a car. Go to either of the bases. Go to the left of the base you choose. Move the car so that the front wheels are hanging down off of the ledge to the left of your base (pic. 1). Get out of the car. Keep jumping down in front of the car above the purple stuff as if to commit suicide, but just before you hit the purple stuff, press triangle so you will get right back into the car. Keep doing this until the game makes the sound that you've already died, but you still end up in the car. This will confuse the game. After you do that, hold up and double jump into the base, as if trying to go through it. You should go through the base and the purple stuff and end up inside the base. Teleport back outside. You are now free to go through just about anything you please. If you die, you must repeat the ENTIRE process.

2)Go to a base. Go up the magnet boot area behind the turret. Turn to the left and jump to the next platform. Then, jump to the next platform with the health on it (pic. 2). After you do this, you can do one of two things:

a)Turn around and use your chargeboots to go through the wall right next to the magnet boot area (there is a rock there so just aim for that) (pic. 3).
b)Turn slightly to the left and use your chargeboots. Aim for the big pipe right next to the base. While you're going through the air with the chargeboots, keep pressing square. You will perform the hyper-strike as soon as you have gone your maximum length. As soon as you perform the hyper-strike, double jump. You will either land on the base, grab hold of the edge of the base (If this happens, press X and Ratchet will pull himself on to the base), or mess up and drown in the purple stuff.

3)Get into a hovership. Go to either one of the bases (you can't go all the way inside. Go to the outside of the "main room"). Get up as high as you can, but stay next to the big wall and stay all the way to the left (pic. 4). After you get as high as you can, press triangle to exit the ship. While you're falling, turn to the right so you're facing the curve of the wall. Instead of hitting the ground, you should grab hold of the curve. Immediately start shimmying to the left until you get to the edge. After you reach the edge, press X to pull yourself up. Now you're on top of the wall. Do not attempt this glitch unless you have the Mini-rocket Tube (suggested) or the Flux Rifle. You can see most of the level and you can snipe people who are far off, or you can shoot people who are close to you with the Mini-rocket Tube.

4)Get into a hovership. Lower yourself all the way until you are right above the purple stuff. Drive to the blue base while still above the purple stuff. Just before you see the blue base, you will come to a spike sticking straight up out of the purple stuff to the left of you. Turn to face it and get to the right of it (stay right next to the spike). Hold L1 to rise up as high as possible, but don't go forward or backward, in other words, stay right above the right part of the spike. Press triangle to jump out of the hovership. Hold up to land your player to safety. Go and get the other hovership. Drive it to where the first ship is, which should be right next to the spike. Get on top of the first hovership using the second hovership. You should have one hovership on top of the other, you being in the top one (pic. 5). Press triangle to drop next to the bottom hovership. Press triangle again to enter the bottom hovership. Now, you should be in the bottom hovership with an emty one right above you. The weight of the top hovership will push the one you're in straight through the purple stuff. You should be right below the purple stuff inside a hovership. Drive under the ramp that leads to the base. Now rise back above ground level. Now, you have a hovership in the main room that leads to the base! Drive through the magnet boot tube to the base. You now have a hovership next to the base! (I hope you didn't think it was impossible!)

1)This is called the Metro Glitch. This is most helpful in siege mode or in a deathmatch where your opponents won't come out of the base. Start at a base. Get on the teleporter. Press triangle, but instead of entering your base, use your chargeboots in the middle of teleporting. You should still be outside of the base. Go to your opponents base. When you reach the stairs, turn to the left. There should be a little corner of a platform. Jump on it (pic. 6). Jump off of the edge. Hold your D-pad against the wall that your falling past, as if trying to go through it. You should go through it. It should look like Heaven. Move your camera so that it aims down. You should be able to see through the roof of the base. You only have a few seconds before you die. Use whatever weapon you have on the power core or your opponents. You will die and it will be considered a suicide. Do this until the power core or your opponents are destroyed.

Hoven Gorge
1)This isn't really considered a glitch because it's not anything the programmers messed up on. Someone just figured it out and showed other people. The point of this "glitch" is to get on top of the big bridge in the center of the level. First, destroy all of the side panels of the bridge using your wrench. I say use the wrench because any other weapon might destroy the top panels, too. Then, find the side panel of the bridge that can't be destroyed. It will have the arch sticking out of it. Jump up on the side panel and face the arch (pic. 7). If you can't get on the side panel, you're on the wrong side, so turn around and go to the other almost identical side panel on the other side of the bridge. So, you should be on the correct side of the bridge on the correct side panel facing the arch. Hold up and press (X,X,square,X,X,square,X,X). You should be on the top of the bridge.

2)This is how to get on the turret entrance. Go to the turret by the blue base. Turn around and walk to the left of the entrance. There is a tiny space between the left of the entrance and the edge. Turn right to face the side of the entrance, and an ice piece sticking out of the ground (pic. 8). Hold up and press (X,X,square,X,X,square,X,X).This can be hard as you might do the hyper-strike at the top and have to start over, but you will eventually get to the top of the entrance.

3)Do you remember the first glitch? It was the swing shot glitch (SSG) that you can perform on any level. Well, it is most helpful here. You can do three things using the SSG:

a)Go to the blue base. Get on the tiny bridge in front of you and turn slightly right. You should be facing a swing shot and the turret platform above you (pic. 9). Perform the SSG to get on the turret platform. It's not a place that you can't normally get to, but it's just a quick way to get to it.
b)Go to the blue base. Get on the tiny bridge in front of you and turn slightly left. You should be facing a swing shot and a pipe platform that you can't normally get to. Perform the SSG to get on the platform (pic. 10). Your player will slide to the left. They will do a wierd thing where they just fall and float up a couple of feet and then fall again. They will keep doing this, but you can still aim and shoot. To get down, aim to get off and keep jumping until you fall off.
c)Go to the red base. Get on the tiny bridge in front of you and turn slightly right. You should be facing a swing shot and the turret platform above you (pic. 11). Perform the SSG to either get on the top of the turret platform or go through the wall and either land on a platform inside (pic. 12), or fall to your death. If you land on the platform inside, you have many choices. You can shoot the minirocket tube, flux rifle, and n60 storm out or up, or you can throw mines straight up and they will land on the turret platform. This is a really helpful glitch if your opponents are on top of the turret platform because mines will come at them from nowhere and they will FREAK OUT!

4)Go to the blue base. Go around the base so you are at the back of it. Face the back. You should be facing a sort of triangle shape that is gray and it is sticking out. Go to the left of it and keep running straight (pic. 13). The camera has to be at the exact correct angle and you have to be running at the exact correct angle. This isn't descriptive at all, so just try your best, and, hey, at least I'm trying. Anyways, run up until you almost reach the top and jump backwards and then forwards. This is easiest with the wrench out. When I say jump back then forward, I mean do a single jump backward and as soon as you're far enough back, jump forward, like a half-and-half double-jump (something that I just made up). You're supposed to land on top of the base (pic. 14), but this is very complicated and difficult to perform and takes a lot of practice.

5)Something that I just learned today is just a place by the blue base that you can't normally get to. To get to it, stand on the teleporter and face away from the base so that you are looking at the small bridge. Make a 90 degree turn to the right and you should see some pipes (pic. 15). Aim toward the middle pipe and perform the Charge-n-jump to start the glitch. Run to the right to get between the two pipes. Do a side flip to the left to get on the tiny little thingy sticking out. Then, double jump to the right. Then, double jump to the left. Turn around and you should be at a slightly higher place then normal. You should be facing the blue base. Turn to your left and jump across to the thingy sticking out on a seperate pipe. This part is difficult because if you go too high, it will force you out of the glitch area. Now, you should see a yellow thing going down in the center of the giant pipe that you are now standing on. Double jump and press (X,X,square,X,X,square,X,X). You should be at the top of the yellow thing, unless it forced you out. Turn around and you should be even higher. Chargeboot towards the base and perform the hyper-strike at the end and you should be on top of the base.

6)This glitch is extremely awesome if you get it right. It will take you to a place far above Hoven Gorge. However, you have to use someone, and it's a long glitch. Here's what you have to do. First, go behind the blue base. You will see some giant pipes on the wall behind the blue base. Go between the first and second pipes and start running straight (pic. 17). You will notice that there is an invisible wall there. Get someone else to come to your assistance and jump on your head (just a single jump). They should go through you and you two should interlock with each other, like they're running inside you. Hold up and right at the same time and you should go through the invisible wall (pic. 18). Get out the wrench and double jump to your right, on to the little thingy sticking out. Then, double jump to the left. Then, to the right again. You should now be on top of the second pipe (pic. 19). Get out a gun again. Double jump to the third pipe and run up the center yellow part. You should be staring at a giant green pipe. Hold right and up to get to a part of the green pipe (pic. 20). Again, aim the camera perfectly and your person perfectly so that they will run up the green pipe. You should be on top of the green pipe. You can go left or right, just follow the green!