Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Tips

Green lasers on Annihilation Nation
Don't wanna jump all around risking jumping into the lava on Annihilation nation, trying to avoid the green laser turrets?
There's a simpler way to avoid getting hit by them. Just equip the Refractor! It absorbs the beams, letting you get past unscathed, without having to jump so you can foscu entirely on staying on the course ^^

I tested this myself, so it does work. Every time I am running a Gauntlet Challenge and see lasers coming up, I equip the refractor, just to save time, having not to evade the beams.

P.S.: the beams will NOT provide you with a 'weapon' like the red lasers en 'Noids beams do.. guess it was to cheap to give you such an advantage. Just stand there, getting blasted, vaporizing any enemy in sight.