Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Tips

How to upgrade the Holoshield Glove
This weapon takes AGES to upgrade- so heres the best way to do it. Go to Annililation Nation, and enter a round when the machine gun turret comes out of the middle. Throw out loads in front of it and stand behind them. The upgrade bar will fill up infront of your eyes! Sometimes it will break through, so use the Sheild Charger aswell.

Alternate, by vampireslaya01:

the easiest way to level up the holo sheild glove, go to blackwater city and if ur up to it go to counterattack and kill everyone until no1 else comes then equip ur holo sheild glove and throw one then stand sumwhere safe behind it so u avoid the attack of the turrets then throw a sheild every ten secends at the same place