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So, Ratatouille is a film made in 2007 which is based upon a kitchen/restaurant in France. This, is of course, the game.

Many people would know that movies turned into games aren't very good...in fact some are just down right unplayable, but this one is kind of different.

In this game you control a rat named Remy, who loves anything that has to do with food, especially cooking it. The game tries to follow along with the story, but it does kind of go off topic every now and then to make it more into a game.

Now, it will also depend on the console, because there are different versions of this game. The PS2 and Wii are very similar, the handhelds are different and the new gens are a lot more - different than these. The PS2, being not such a new console, looks fairly good. Now, the gameplay.

Taking control of Remy is just like any other game, even though you can scurry to make yourself faster, there are hazards that stop you, which you have to find a way around. You begin off with a tutorial, which pretty much tells you all the controls and some tips, which are useful.

The levels of the game are simple and not hard. They are fairly short, so time is not an issue. There are certain objects and enemies that will get in your way, but they are not difficult to handle. There is also another easy way around getting stuck. You have a button to press (for the PS2, L1) that makes you sniff into the air, and a faint blue line will show you the way, this is useful for when you get stuck.

The modes for this game, Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare and straight foreward. Although, Nightmare is the hardest difficulty, it's not as hard as you'd expect and you'd pretty much think you were doing this on Hard.

The cooking missions have instructions on how to operate the controls for each one, although most of them you just play over and over again. You will get used to the controls, but it takes awhile. And the running sequences are alright as well. They aren't too hard to get past and like the levels, are fairly short.

The graphics for this game, in my opinion, are fairly plain, not really standing out too much, which can bore people, unless you are doing the dream worlds, which are very bright. Some objects can look a little blocky and you can get clipped in them, which is a thumbs down for this game.

Now, I can tell you, it won't take very long for you to finish this game, around about half an hour to an hour at minim, which is sad for a game like this. I expected there to be more challenges and activities to do, but it's rather more scripted. I also had a little trouble with this game, when I finished it, there was no sound and I thought I had it on mute, but I later found out it was just the game, so that is another down fall.

The muiltiplayer for the game is quite fun, unfortunately, you only have four activities to play with. You do get a good laugh out of, but you do get bored rather quick. The challenge area in this part of the game, allows the use of only needing one controller, which I find a good idea, and you challenge you and your friends for as many rounds as you want. Nice idea, but can get boring after a while.

This game is very good for kids to play, but if it were lengthened longer, it would have made it more enjoyable. It would also have been good if there weren't clipping glitches, but they are rare to come by, it was probably my bad luck. This game is worth a pick up and play, but only rent, you don't really need to buy such a short game, which is very sad.

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