Raskulls Cheats

Raskulls cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
Achievements Videos
Achievement Guide Smarty Pants... & Uncomfortably Energetic! Xbox Live Arcade (00:04:47)
by Toposophic May 20 2013
Uncomfortably Energetic Achievement Guide (00:00:32)
by MaxlockMark May 20 2013
AchievementHow to unlock
Bone On!! (10)Win a race in Mega Quest!
Cheaters Never Prosper (20)Defeat that dastardly Thief at the end of Chapter 1.
Flip Out (20)Unleash your power and defeat the boss at the end of Chapter 2.
Hail to the King (25)Complete the Mega Quest and bring peace to the Raskulls.
King Of Bling (25)Collect every Medallion in the Mega Quest.
Tell Friends About This Game (10)Win a four-player local Grand Prix match – and don't forget to brag about it!
Five Times a Raskull (20)Win 5 Xbox LIVE Grand Prix matches!
Smarty Pants... (20)Win by jumping off another Raskull to an out of reach finish. (Local or Xbox LIVE multiplayer)
Flame Grilled (10)Hit three other Raskulls with a single Flame Charge.
Uncomfortably Energetic! (10)Keep a single Frenzy going for 10 seconds. (Excludes Mega Quest bosses and "Stay Frenzied" races.)
Accomplished Blocksmith (20)Destroy 20,000 blocks across all modes. (That is, the small blocks that make up the big blocks.)
Zuppercut! (10)Launch Raskulls upwards with the Thunder Staff 10 times. (Local or Xbox LIVE multiplayer.)
DLC Achievements[Unknown]
Block Dodger(20)Finish the Shiny Stone Cup without being crushed.
Purrrrfect(15)As Kitten, win a race with a Stun All in reserve.
Viking Punch!(15)As Viking, rebound a Flame Charge with Wand Push.