Raptor: Call Of The Shadows Weapon/Item FAQ v1.13 - Samuel Lee
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: : : : Raptor: Call Of The Shadows Weapon/Item FAQ

Raptor: Call Of The Shadows Weapon/Item FAQ

by Samuel Lee   Updated to v1.13 on
Raptor: Call Of The Shadows Weapon/Item FAQ ======
Copyright 2003 InfernoRazor85 a.k.a. Samuel Lee ==
Raptor is developed by Cygnus Studios and Apogee =

 Revision History ]}

15 June 2003
Found Raptor! Tried it and it rocked man... still could remember playing it
when I was 5... and now I didn't know it was still in my comp!

16 June 2003
Familiarized with the controls, I completed the game in Veteran level, and
started checking GameFaqs for any FAQs on Raptor. Found some, and I decided to
make one too... it's so darn easy making a weapon FAQ. (Well I HAD nothing
better to do!)

Ver. 0.33 10.00PM, 6/16/03
Done the content page, and now I'm up to the Thor Minigun. Included the Intro,

Ver. 1 9.00PM, 6/17/03
Finished the FAQ! Now I'm waiting for all your questions.

Ver. 1.1 10.00PM, 6/17/03
Added the index to make it easier for all you guys.

Ver. 1.13 10.00PM, 6/19.03
SMALLER SCREEN! (LOL) I'm gonna change it now anyway. Oh yeah, I got the
Deathray totally wrong (really, really, sorry for the trouble caused if there
was any) Did a SpellCheck too.

 Contents ]}

1. Introduction (1-intdtn)
 1.1 Story (1-a-stry)
 1.2 Disclaimer (1-b-dscl)
 1.3 Contacting Me (1-c-ctct)
 1.4 Do's and Don'ts (1-d-ddts)
 1.5 Credit List (1-e-crdt)
 1.6 Hated (1-f-hatd)
2. Weapons (2-weapns)
 2.1 Always Equipped Weapons (2-a-aewp)
  2.11 MG21C Twin Reaver Machine Guns (2a-twrvr)
  2.12 Plasma Cannon (2a-plsma)
  2.13 Micro-Missiles (2a-mcmsl)
 2.2 Special Weapons (2-b-spcl)
  2.21 AIM-31 "Mauler" Air/Air Missile (2b-aamsl)
  2.22 MK-133 Bomb (2b-mkbmb)
  2.24 DM1R "Psycho" Dumbfire Missile (2b-dfmsl)
  2.25 AARL-1201 "Scatterpack" Missile Pod, fires HR-20 Spike Missiles
  2.26 TH19 "Thor" Auto-Track Minigun (2b-tagmg)
  2.27 Power Disruptor (2b-pwrdr)
  2.28 OD55 "Odin" Laser Turret (2b-lsrtr)
  2.29 RX1 "Tsunami" Pulse Cannon (2b-plscn)
 2.3 Special Weapons (Continued) (2-c-spcl)
  2.31 MSIL-ATLAS Deathray (2c-dthry)
  2.32 CAL-10 "Eclipse" Twin Lasers (2c-eclps)
 2.4 CBU-80 "Guillotine" Megabomb (2-d-mbmb)
 2.5 Enemy Weapons (2-e-enwp)
  2.51 Flak (2e-enflk)
  2.52 Tracking Flak (2e-etflk)
  2.53 Missiles (2e-enmsl)
  2.54 Plasma (2e-eplsm)
  2.55 Lasers (2e-enlsr)
3. Items (3-cshpwr)
 3.1 Power-ups (3-a-prup)
  3.11 Energy Module (3a-enmdl)
  3.12 Ion Scanner (3a-inscn)
  3.13 SA17 "Ares" Phase Shields (3a-phshd)
 3.2 Cash (3-b-cshm)
  3.21 Small Arms (3b-smlam)
  3.22 Radioactive Isotopes (3b-rdait)
  3.23 Thaelite (3b-thalt)
  3.24 Micro-Fusion Core (3b-mfcre)
  3.25 Raw Freylium Ore (3b-rfore)
  3.26 Micro-Thaelites (3b-mthlt)
4. Handling The Final Boss (4-htfnbs)
5. FAQ (5-freaqs)
6. End (6-fnlend)

Note: If you want to find a section, bring up the 'find' toolbox and enter the
8-digit section code number (e.g. 2e-enlsr = Lasers)

1. Introduction (1-intdtn) ]}

The enemy cruiser appears in front of you. Firing volleys of missiles, balls of
raw plasma, and spheres of energy from its arsenal, it looks deadly.
Nevertheless, you fire back - with twin laser cannons of azure death blazing,
you easily blast a big hole in the enemy's hull. The pilot realizes that he is
no match for you and tries to escape. But no. You don't let him escape. You
fire one last shot at him, and instantly, it explodes in a shower of flames. Oh
yes. Welcome to the world of mercenaries. Welcome... to... Raptor.

Raptor: Call Of The Shadows is a wonderful game, with intense graphics (okay,
okay! 2003 graphics are better! But in 1993, the graphics ratings soared
alright, for such an old game) and extreme sounds. You'll find yourself
laughing like a psycho after you hear the destruction you cause. Not to mention
the 'zing' sound of the twin lasers fired...

I completed this walkthrough via Veteran level (Medium) I will be giving hints
on how to fight the final boss, a heavily armed fortress with destructive
lasers, missile launchers, plasma cannons, and worst of all - auto-track flak

This is my first FAQ, and I sincerely hope you find this enjoyable. Cheers,

1.1 Story (1-a-stry)

You are a young aspiring mercenary, working for the Megacorp company. For
everything that you destroy, Megacorp pays you in those precious green slips of
paper which you can then spend at the Harold's Death Emporium. As the name
goes, you BUY weapons, THEY install 'em, you USE 'em (in whatever maniacal way
that you want to :) And that's what this FAQ is all about. Weapons and Items.

Basically, the games splits into 3 stages, The Bravo Sector being the easiest,
Tango Sector being medium, and Outer Region being, uh, devastatingly hard. What
you need is quick dodge maneuvers, heavy weapons, and a fast trigger finger to
set all those enemy ships ablaze. Not to mention avoiding those stupid little
kamikaze fighters.

1.2 Disclaimer (1-b-dscl)
You, or any other person, may NOT reproduce this FAQ without my permission. You
may print it out for your own personal use, but never to use it for your own
benefits (i.e. selling, etc.)
You also may not use any part of this FAQ for your own FAQ, unless with my
permission. To contact me, see the below section.

1.3 Contacting ME (1-c-ctct)
Contact me on ONLY the below email address. You might also want to add me to
your MSN Messenger contact list:
(Note: the underscore is present)

1.4 Do's and Don'ts (i-d-ddts)
Here's what to do, and what NOT to do. If you do anything in the 'Don'ts' list,
you'd better watch out-you will get punished depending on the severity of the

-Send me some info that I haven't mentioned in the FAQ.
-Ask me for permission if you want to use this FAQ or any part of it in your
FAQ. (Note: you can print out this FAQ freely if you want, but only for
personal use)
-Help spring up the Raptor Gamefaqs board! I'd like to see if there are anymore
interested Raptor players or not, and have a good chat with them.
-Criticize my FAQ. I'd like to have a PROFESSIONAL view on my FAQ, I need to
learn some of my mistakes. (Note: Professional = Not things like "Your FAQ
sucks!" or "I hate your FAQ!" without reason.)
-Ask me questions NOT answered in this FAQ. I will try my best to answer you.
-Also inform me of anyone who plagarized my FAQ.

-Send me stuff like praise on how good my FAQ is. This will only jam up my
account, and you will receive a warning. If you continue, it's equivalent to
spamming-I will block you, and put you in the Hated list.
-Spam me, the consequences are listed above.
-Plagarize my FAQ. It means to take from my FAQ without permission. (Okay... I
won't just scream at you because you put something like 'AIM-31 Air/Air
Missile' in your FAQ) You will get in my Hated list.
-Send hate mail. Hated List... any questions?
-Start a Flame War without any rhyme or reason with me. HL.

1.5 Credit List (1-e-crdt)
-I thank Gamefaqs and all its expert FAQ writers (especially AdrenalineSL... we
love you man!) in giving me some ideas on how to write a FAQ.
-Apogee and Cygnus Studios for making this wonderful game.
-My parents for getting me this great comp.
-My friend Ben for recommending me Raptor.

1.6 Hated (1-f-hatd)
So far so good.... no one here. (Hmmm... wonder if it's got to do with my not
posting this FAQ yet??)

2. Weapons (2-weapns) ]}

Ah, the basics of Raptor. Simply speaking, the more heavy your weapon is, the
more maniacal you are in piloting, the more the enemy will be yelling for his

2.1 Always Equipped Weapons (2-a-aewp)
Weapons that will stay with you forever... that is, until somebody takes you
down. Mostly low damage, but with a high rate of fire. It doesn't disappear per
hit you take if your shields are down, and mostly hit both ground and air
targets ('cept the Plasma Cannon) Buy ALL of these if you can.

First I shall explain the legends. Out of 20 (20 being the best) each
characteristic of the weapon is rated. Damage means how much the enemy will
suffer when they get hit, rate of fire is how fast the weapon fires, Ground/Air
is whether it hits ground, air, or both, Rip? is the weapon's tendency to carry
on even though its first target is gone. For example,

        ^           | = Laser Beam

2.11 MG21C Twin Reaver Machine Guns (2a-twrvr)

Damage: 3
Rate Of Fire: 20
Air/Ground: Both
Rip?: No
Cost: $12,000 (You start out with this weapon)

This IS the fastest firing weapon! T'bad the damage done is extremely low, but
it shreds through enemy buildings and small fighter jets alike, setting them
ablaze! HAHAHA! But, you will find this a bit useless after a while, as the
enemy planes get tougher.

2.12 Plasma Cannon (2a-plsma)

Damage: 12
Rate Of Fire: 3
Air/Ground: Air
Rip?: No
Cost: $78,800

HAHA! The MOST dangerous 'Always Equipped' weapon available! Although it makes
up for that with its slow rate of fire. This fires a blue shot at the opponent,
but too bad it only hits airborne targets.

2.13 Micro-Missiles (2c-mcmsl)

Damage: 9
Rate Of Fire: 14
Air/Ground: Both
Rip?: No
Cost: $175,600

Lets just say this is the average of the other two 'Always Equipped' Weapons. A
Decent Rate Of Fire and good damage. Fires twin dumbfire rockets at whatever is
in front of you.

2.2 Special Weapons (2-b-spcl)
Hehe. These babies are everything but cute and nice. Some are REALLY
destructive. Some are really pathetic, and I wonder why they are even placed
there in the first place. What the heck, some are suitable in early stages, but
should be ditched once you get better weapons. Note, you WILL lose each special
weapon per hit you receive when your shields are low. (When the warning comes
out, and you have no more phase shields, and your energy bar on the right hand
side is nearly depleted) It gives you more reason to stay ALIVE.

Then there are the legends again. The format is different now, with '*****'
being the best and '*' being the least. There are Damage, Rate Of Fire,
Air/Ground Targets/Ground means that ground is EVERYTHING that is on the
ground, while ground targets are just turrets/tanks on the ground. So, I guess
I'll just name 'em A/GT/G. There's the Rip?, Cost, Buy/Ditch/Get, Overall
Performance. Then there's corresponding key, the number you press to get the
weapon. The weapons are listed from lowest cost to highest cost.

2.21 AIM-31 "Mauler" Air/Air Missile (2b-aamsl)

Corresponding Key: 5
Damage: **
Rate Of Fire: **
Rip?: No
Buy/Ditch/Get: Get
Overall Performance: ***
Cost: $63,500

NOT really your ideal weapon if you're looking for kills. Unless, of course,
you use them in the first few waves of bravo sector, which is, um, PRETTY easy.
After that, you will want to get the missile pod, which fires much much faster.
The advantages are, they sort of 'lock-on' to their intended victim, which
means they cluster together, and... I think veer slightly toward them, but its
not that obvious... or, I think, when you're holding on to the trigger button
with your hand, when your Raptor Jet goes directly in front of the enemy plane
and you are about to fire, it autofires. Can someone please e-mail me a
confirmation? Thanks if you do.

Don稚 bother buying them 'cos you can get it in the later part of Wave One,
Bravo Sector, after you mess up the other planes with your machine gun :)

2.22 MK-133 Bomb (2b-mkbmb)

Corresponding Key: 7
Damage: **
Rate Of Fire: *
Rip?: No
Buy/Ditch/Get: Ditch
Overall Performance: *
Cost: $98,200

Face it. It sucks. Big. It lobs a tiny projectile towards the ground, and
unlike the mega-bomb, its explodes, and throws more bombs sideways. Good
enough? Then why have I given it such a low rating? Because the bomb travels so
darn slow! And it must IMPACT to set off an explosion, which is nearly
impossible because your plane is traveling so darn fast to dodge enemy
projectiles! Man Apogee/Cygnus Studios really screwed up on this one. Don't buy
it, unless you get the item somewhere in the game. Then sell it.

2.23 AGM-26L "Banshee" Air/Ground Missile (2b-agmsl)

Corresponding Key: 6
Damage: ***
Rate Of Fire: *
Rip?: No
Buy/Ditch/Get: Get
Overall Performance: ***
Cost: $110,000

Ok, MUCH better than the bomb. 'whew' Too bad it costs a bit too much, but
don稚 bother to buy them, because you get em in Bravo Sector, Wave 3, in a
weapons shed. Believe me, for the first few levels, it's OK. Works exactly like
the AIM-31, only on ground. Hehe, it flies along the ground, and obliterates
anything that comes into contact with it... :) But only for the Bravo Sector,
and smaller targets along the other sectors. But I gave it a low rating because
while you're happily blowing up stuff down below, the enemy is also going to
happily blow you up below. It works well with all 'Always Equipped' weapons
purchased, as these provide excellent cover.

2.24 DM1R "Psycho" Dumbfire Missile (2b-dfmsl)

Corresponding Key: 1
Damage: **
Rate Of Fire: ***
Rip?: No
Buy/Ditch/Get: Ditch
Overall Performance: **
Cost: $145,200

Uh, this ain't that good, don't count on it as your primary weapon. They split
up when fired, and DON'T cluster together when they see a target! The accuracy
of each missile is so low, not even one can hit those small little critters!
Even so the damage SUCKS! Arggh!! The developers screwed up again! Really, you
just try using this and minutes later you'll find your comp lying on the lawn
broken and battered.

2.25 AARL-1201 "Scatterpack" Missile Pod (2b-scatr)

Corresponding Key: 4
Damage: **
Rate Of Fire: ****
Rip?: No
Buy/Ditch/Get: BUY!!!
Overall Performance: ****
Cost: $204,950

Great for early stages! Twice the firing rate = More destruction. Save up money
for this, and then buy it! You can't wait until the Outer Regions to get this
baby, it so totally rocks! It has the same system as the AGM and AIM, only 2
times faster! Try using this in Bravo Sector... you'll have the enemy begging
for his life man!

2.26 TH19 "Thor" Minigun (2b-tagmg)

Corresponding Key: 2
Damage: **
Rate Of Fire: *****
Rip?: No
Buy/Ditch/Get: Buy
Overall Performance: ***
Cost: $250,650

You should get this stuff during the Outer Region. Why? I'll tell you why. See
the big boss on the ground? Lasers you don't want to get in front of? Use the
Thor. Firstly it can handle a few targets at a time, and with the boss being
immobile, its 100% accurate. Kids, don't try using it on fighter planes - it
won't work. Because of the speed of the fighter, the bullets will go to the
BACK of the craft - not the front, unless you are directly or somewhere near
the front of the enemy.

2.27 Power Disruptor (2b-pwrdr)

Corresponding Key: 8
Damage: N/A
Rate Of Fire: *****
A/GT/G: A (Only SOME aircraft)
Rip?: No
Buy/Ditch/Get: Ditch
Overall Performance: *
Cost: $300,750

Just look at the price. THE PRICE. Okay, it has rapid fire, but it sucks -
believe me. It doesn't work on ground turrets or bosses, but think about it -
once you disrupt an enemy's weapon system, you have to switch to some other
weapon to finish him off... unless you memorized the corresponding keys by
heart, its troublesome to switch by pressing Alt repeatedly. More often than
not, even if you DID memorize the keys, in the heat of battle, you'll panic and
start pressing all the wrong stuff... which can mess up your game. It doesn't
do damage either - you'll have to rely on your 'Always Equipped' weapons to
finish them off - especially in Outer Regions, where all the enemies have high

2.28 OD55 "Odin" Laser Turret (2b-lsrtr)

Corresponding Key: 3
Damage: ***
Rate Of Fire: ****
A/GT/G: A (Sadly)
Rip?: No
Buy/Ditch/Get: BUY! At All Costs!
Overall Performance: *****
Cost: $512,850

Gotta love Apogee for this! Hehehe... this will leave your enemy in a heap of
scrap metal. It's fast-firing, and has an auto-track system! Great in
situations where you don't want your butt to get blown up by laser-firing
enemies. If they don't come in groups, how lucky you are. Switch to the Odin,
and happily blast them outta the sky. The Odin does not attack ground
turrets/tanks, though, and you'll have to rely on your machine guns and
micro-missiles to finish them off. Still, overall, it's a pretty good weapon.

2.29 RX1 "Tsunami" Pulse Cannon (2b-plscn)

Corresponding Key: 9
Damage: ***
Rate Of Fire: *****
A/GT/G: A/G (WTF This rocks!)
Rip?: No
Buy/Ditch/Get: BUY!!!
Overall Performance: *****
Cost: $725,000

HAHAHA! This rocks man... if you're looking to obliterate buildings for extra
cash, then THIS is the weapon for you. Coupled with it's awesome Rate Of Fire,
this weapon is so darn powerful, you'll want to hug it. But, don't count on it
again, as you come up against much more powerful enemies, such as the enemies
with lasers in Outer Region, switch to the Twin Lasers. (more about that in
Chapter 2.32) This weapon can perform the 'slide' maneuver - when the enemy
fires, dash right under him, weapons blazing, to create a wall of whatever
projectile you're using. This works on ALL weapons except the Deathray and Twin
Lasers. (Laser-based weapons)

This is the 'slide maneuver' as I call it... observe my crappy diagram.

             E   O         E = Enemy
               O           O = Your Projectile
             O             R2 = Raptor at 2nd spot(i.e. you)
           O               | = Enemy Projectile
         O   |             <- = Dash Direction
       O     |             R1 = Raptor at starting spot(i.e. you)
     O       |

2.3 Special Weapons Continued (2-c-spcl)
The above chapter continued.

2.31 MSIL-ATLAS Deathray (2c-dthry)

Corresponding Key: 0
Damage: **
Rate Of Fire: ****
Rip?: Yes (finally)
Buy/Ditch/Get: Ditch
Overall Performance: ***
Cost: $950,000

Hey, hey, I got this totally wrong. I did some testing on the Raptor, and found
that it takes TWO hits to destroy a BRAVO SECTOR turret, while ONE Eclipse
laser destroys it immediately!
Because of this, I decreased the Damage rating by half. It isn't that the
Deathray is so lousy I advised you to ditch it, but its that the Twin Lasers
are much better, and you should save up money for it instead. Oh, and I
mentioned before, the Deathray is at the tip of the plane, while the Twin
Lasers are at the tips of the wings, so it's more dangerous with the Deathray.

Observer my crappy diagram... again :)

Deathray:    LT = Laser Turret            Twin Lasers:
             R = You
  ^          ^ = Your Laser
  ^LT        | = Enemy Laser
  ^ |        (Applies to both diagrams)          LT
  ^ |                                          ^ ^|
  ^ |                                          ^ ^|
  ^ |                                          ^ ^|
  ^ |                                          ^ ^|
  R |                                          ^R^|

Because of this fact, with the Deathray, you'll have to target the enemy
face-on, but with the Twin Lasers, you can kill off the laser turret unscathed.

2.32 CAL-10 "Eclipse" Twin Lasers (2c-eclps)

Corresponding Key: - (i.e. the 'underscore/minus' key)
Damage: ***** (!)
Rate Of Fire: ***** (!!)
Rip?: YES! (!!!)
Buy/Ditch/Get: BUY! At All Costs!
Overall Performance: ***** (and **********....more stars! More stars man!)
Cost: $1,750,000 (Ooo! But don't worry, it's worth it)

The ULTIMATE weapon! Great for side attacks as shown above, but again, you
can't do the slide maneuver with this, so its a make-up for that raw power of
the Eclipse. And it has a great Rate Of Fire too - all the better for making
your enemies cower in fear. It'll pay you good in Outer Regions - with other
weapons, you are NOT likely to survive the last 7 waves. Well, you can say
that, if both lasers hit a fighter plane, he can bend over and kiss his @$$
goodbye :)

2.4 CBU-80 "Guillotine" Megabomb (2-d-mbmb)
This baby costs $32250 apiece - not too bad for a bomb that obliterates
everything on screen (well, you may chop off some health from a boss, and some
turrets ain't affected) including all enemy projectiles except lasers, and
leaves a 2-second 'stun' when all surviving enemies stop firing within that
limit. Too bad, you can only carry 5, but it is found in abundance throughout
the whole game. save up to 5, and when you find another one, drop 1 megabomb,
and grab the powerup, so that you still have 5 in your arsenal. Use ALL on the
Final Boss in Outer Regions, to get rid of the tracking flak.

2.5 Enemy Weapons (2-e-enwp)
Ah, here are the enemy weapons. Simply, avoid all of them if you can, but some
are not too dangerous and do not necessarily need to be avoided, but some do.
So here is the enemy weapons section to help you out with that. Appearance is
how they look like, damage is how many points they cut off your shield meter
(Note: it's approximate) Speed is how fast they are, Deadly is if they are to
be avoided or not, What You Should Do is how you avoid them, What Sector Found
is which sector are they found.

2.51 Flak (2e-enflk)

Appearance: Orangy-yellow balls
Damage: 2 Points
Speed Of Projectile: Medium
Deadly?: No
What You Should Do: Dodge it.
What Sector Found: All Sectors

Basically, this is the standard loadout for enemy fighters in Bravo Sector and
Tango Sector. Those in Tango and Outer Regions usually are fired together with

2.52 Tracking Flak (2e-etflk)

Appearance: Orangy-yellow balls
Damage: 2 Points
Speed Of Projectile: Medium
Deadly?: Yes/No (Depending, if they are fired in 5 salvos of 3, THEN its
What You Should Do: Dodge at all costs! Try to lose 'em.
What Sector Found: All Sectors

When I mean the term tracking flak, I don't mean it homes onto your Raptor; I
mean that it works like the Auto-Track Minigun, in that it is targeted at you.
Normally, if it is fired in a single shot, it isn't dangerous, only when you
find bosses firing at you with 5 salvos of 3 per gun (30 points, mind you) it's
dangerous. Well the last boss has 5 guns that fire 5 salvos of 3 each (150
points!) enough to take down 1 1/2 Phase Shields if you're not careful.

2.53 Missiles (2e-enmsl)

Appearance: White Red-tipped rockets with blue exhaust and smoke trails
Damage: 5 Points
Speed Of Projectile: Fast
Deadly?: Yes if you're directly in front
What You Should Do: Simply swerve to the left - they can be dodged.
What Sector Found: All Sectors

This isn't as deadly as the tracking flak, but the last boss fires them in 5
salvos of 4. Enough to take down 1 shield -  but only if all connect, which is
NOT possible, unless you're dumb enough to go in front of the launcher and yell
out loud, "Hey, you! I'm here for target practice! Come blow me out of the
sky!" Get what I mean? Just _don't_ get in front of the turret, and you're

2.54 Plasma (2e-eplsm)

Appearance: Red Fireballs
Damage: 10 Points
Speed Of Projectile: Very Fast
Deadly?: Yes if you're directly in front... avoid at all costs!
What You Should Do: Try not to get hit by them, time your moves correctly.
What Sector Found: All Sectors

Okay, dodge this if you can (the plasma turrets on the ground are easier to
dodge than fighters with plasma) if you can't, you'd better pray hard that you
have enough phase shields. Try not to get in the path of them. Those that fire
in salvos are easier to dodge than those that fire continously.

2.55 Lasers (2e-enlsr)

Appearance: Red-hot beams
Damage: 50 Points
Speed Of Projectile: N/A (They're lasers, remember?!)
What You Should Do: Time your moves. look at the enemy carefully -  observe his
firing pattern. Once you're familiarized, when he stops firing, move in for the
What Sector Found: Tango Sector and Outer Regions

Uh-oh. The plasma on steroids. DON'T mess with this big guy, unless you're
really lookin' for money... try not to get in their path. If you DO want to
take 'em down, however - use the Odin Laser Turret to take them out, not the
Twin Lasers, then you'll be put out of harm's way.

3. Items (3-cshpwr) ]}
Ah, finally out of all the action of the Weapons Section. These are items that
help you stay in the fight, and give you more cash. Nothing much more to say
about this.

3.1 Power-ups (3-a-prup)
These items strengthen your fighting capability by providing you with more
defense, if you have enough money, buy as much of them as possible!!!!

3.11 Energy Module (3a-enmdl)

The basic shields. Sold in increments of 25 at 10,000 bucks each, this provides
your fighter with basic shields. If you hold your fire, after sometime, you
will start rengenerating your basic shield bar, the one on the right side.
(Note: You'll probably DIE before you manage to recharge the bar if you hold
your fire)

3.12 Ion Scanner (3a-inscn)

Again, something that is sold for $10,000. Get one ASAP - this tells you the
hull integrity of the boss, or mid-boss (Just in case you don't know, hull
integrity = armor)

3.13 SA17 "Ares" Phase Shields (3a-phshd)

A _must_ buy power-up. This keeps you alive in Tango and Outer Regions, as
you'll end up losing at least 3 shields - equivalent to 300% of your basic
shields - when you complete a mission. Thankfully, with the money you get per
mission, getting back those 3 is a piece of cake. you can buy up to 5 shields,
but you can carry more than 5 if you get the shields from weapon ships/sheds.

3.2 Cash (3-b-cshm)

3.21 Small Arms (3b-smlam)

Appearance: 2 AK47s? in a brown case
Money: $35,200

3.22 Radioactive Isotopes (3b-rdait)

Appearance: Grey box with something yellow on top
Money: $55,700

3.23 Thaelite (3b-thalt)

Appearance: Tube with brown ends and lime-yellow stuff in middle
Money: $76,000

3.24 Micro-Fusion Core (3b-mfcre)

Appearance: Shaped like a fat rocket, with a blue glass casing as tip
Money: $93,800

3.25 Raw Freylium Ore (3b-rfore)

Appearance: Rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks. Like a rock with white protrusions all
over it.
Money: $122,500 (!!! Easy Money :)

3.26 Micro-Thaelites (3b-mthlt)

Appearance: Glowing Star
Money: 50 bucks
Comments: 50 bucks?! You might be thinking, whose leg am I trying to pull?
Nobody. Thankfully, this is found in abundance - once you kill an enemy plane,
if it has an orange explosion, the typical type, they leave nothing behind.
BUT, if they explode in a pale purple explosion, they leave behind this cash
item - take it as a bonus.

4. Handling The Final Boss (4-htfnbs) ]}
Okay, time to get down to business. The final boss may really get you fed up -
and there are 2 ways to beat it. You MUST have at least 3 Phase Shields WHEN
YOU FIGHT THE BOSS, and then, as I said, TWO ways. The easy way is, take out
your Auto-Track Minigun, keep your finger on the button, and dodge the tracking
flak that it hurls at you. The HARD and more challenging way is:

Get ready a Twin Laser, and AutoTrack Minigun if you need it (seriously I
didn't need the minigun) First, blow up the side turrets, 4 of them, at the
extreme left and right. Those are the turrets that fire the tracking flak. Then
- you'll have to take some damage for this one - go to the middle of the
fortress, and not caring about the projectiles the last tracking flak turret
hurls at you, keep firing those twin lasers. Eventually, you'll blow up the
WHOLE middle of the fortress, including 2 Missile turrets and all the laser
turrets! Now you can use the Minigun to get rid of the rest, but if you want to
prove yourself a true Raptor player (and also one with lots of guts) time your
moves correctly so that you can take out the 2 Missile Turrets, they fire in
salvos, so that shouldn't be a problem. Now, what about the continuous-firing
plasma turrets? Here's another crappy diagram:

 ----- ---
|     | P | P = Plasma Turret
|  X  |   | X = Spot you should fire on
|     |---
 -----  |

Note that, X is a not-so-obvious weak spot. Position your plane so that it can
fire on X without going near the turret's line of fire (when you see the lasers
become a flash of light, that's where you hit) X is invisible, unless you fire
your lasers blindly, you can never find X. Note also that the above diagram is
the turret on the right, which means that on the left turret, its weak spot is
on its right. Finish him off, and...

Congratulations! You've just completed Raptor!

5. FAQ (5-freaqs) ]}
Uh, I just posted this stuff, so I haven't received any questions yet. I'm
waiting... so don't keep this section empty! Remember, ask me questions that I
have NOT included in the guide.

6. End (6-fnlend) ]}
Hope you had fun reading this crappy little guide of mine! Well, good luck to
you if you're ever gonna make a FAQ.

-=-= Copyright 2003 InfernoRazor85 aka Samuel Lee =-=-
-=-= Raptor is Copyright 1993 by Apogee/Cygnus Studios =-=-