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Rapelay (Import) FAQ/Walkthrough

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                            Complete FAQ/Walkthrough

                                   By YuSaKu
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This H-Game is intended for Mature Audiences ONLY!!! 
EVER IN AN H-GAME (Involving controlling a 
rapist as he sadistically tortures a family). 
It also contains a hefty ammount of hardcore scenes, 
incest, teenage pregnancy, ect. so if this sort
of thing offends you, or you are not old enough to be looking at this
stuff (Hell, I'm old enough and this game still bothers me), then go away. 
Go on, shoo. AND PUT THAT THING AWAY, you'll go blind.
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      Table of Contents

I.    System Requirements
II.   Game Description
III.  Cast of Characters
IV.   Controls
V.    Story and Walkthrough
VI.   Complete List of Game Modes
VII.  Endings
IX.   Locations
X.    Contact Information
XI.   Other Works

I. System Requirements

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 2k/XP SP2-SP3/2k3/MCE/Vista SP1

Minimum System Requirements

Processor:              Pentium III - 850MHz+
Memory:                 256Mb SDRAM or Greater
Display:                640x480 and 16-bit Color
Disc Drive:             4X DVD-ROM or Greater
Audio:                  CDDA 
Pointer Device:         Microsoft-Compatible Mouse

Recommended System Requirements

Processor:             Pentium 4+
Memory:                512Mb SDRAM or Greater
Display:               800x600 and 32-bit True Color
Disc Drive:            12X DVD-ROM or Greater
Audio:                 CDDA
Pointer Device:        Microsoft-Compatible Mouse

II. Game Description

This is it. Some call it the Holy Grail. Some seek it more out of curiousity 
than intrest. Most run away screaming. This is Rapelay, the ultimate CG rape
and torture fantasy simulator. Here is the story thus far:

You are Kimura Masaya, a pervert. You love nothing more than waiting at the 
train station, searching out your next target. One day, you see her: Aoi Kiryuu,
Your perfect victim. Or so you thought. The moment you close in, she gets the 
best of you, and screams "Pervert!". You are arrested.

But the little bitch underestimated you. You are the son of a very important
politician. Pretty soon, you are out of prison, and now it's time to seek
your revenge. Rapelay puts you in control of a rapist with an almost 
supernatural power of perversion. Your mission is to capture and rape
all three members of the Kiryuu family.

Rapelay is an interactive CG rape experience that delves into every sick and 
controversial subject in the sex world today. Do you dare to play?

III. Cast of Characters

-Kimura Masaya, The Rapist-: 

The white-horse son of a politician, you have an unlimited arsenal
of goons at your beck and call, but you prefer to handle your pervert business
alone, stalking girls from the train platform. Everything was fine until a
troublesome girl named Aoi landed you in prison. Now you will not rest until
you have broken her and her family, and forced them to become your sex slaves
for the rest of their lives

-Manaka Kiryuu-:

Aoi's shy, blue-haired little sister. So pure and innocent. It's a shame that
she's victim #1.

-Yuuko Kiryuu-:

Aoi and Manaka's mother. A bazooka-chested brunette in need of an attitude
adjustment ala Rapist. Victim #2.

-Aoi Kiryuu-:

The auburn-haired bitch who landed you behind bars. Not quite the victim that
her mom and sister turn out to be, this girl is smart. But that's why we
save her for last, for when she breaks, our revenge shall be complete.

IV. Controls
This section is dedicated to UnholyReaver.

Nozoki Mode:

When you start off, you will be on a train platform. You'll see your victim,
but you won't be able to physically touch her. What are you supposed to do?

Well, if you right-click on the icon on the right-hand side, you'll get two
options, "Prayer" and "Board Train". Prayer is just that: The rapist offers
up a prayer for wind, which will blow up the girl's dress.

Chikan Mode:

Once you board the train, you take control of the phantom hand. My manipulating
the camera angle, you can get close to your victim's private areas. Then, by
positioning your hand, you can then click your mouse to have the hand attach
itself to their body. While holding down the mouse button, you can then move
the mouse around to use your hand to molest the girl.

If you happen to click on the right spots, you can get your hand underneath
their clothing, or even pull their clothing down, so that you can molest
their breasts and genitals directly.

On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a bar. his is the girls
'Pleasure', or 'Orgasm' bar. The first time that you play through the game's
story mode, you will not be able to fill this bar all the way. When you
have molested the girl and filled this meter enough, the train ride will
end, and you will proceed to..

The Rape:

This is the mode with the easiest controls. Pick an option from the right-hand
side of the screen, and then, while holding down the mouse button, move your
mouse in a circular motion. See that icon in the upper-left of the screen?
It looks like a mushroom. No, I don't know WHY it's a mushroom, but it is.
You will notice that it will start to pulse. The pulsations will become more
and more rapid, and then it will stop, and the rapist will begin having sex
with his victim on his own. When you're done jer..erm, I mean, when you are
ready, You can again visit the icon on the right-hand side of the screen,
and choose a a phrase to say to the girl. Next you can choose to cum inside
the girl, or outside. If you choose inside, the rapist achieves orgasm, and
then he's ready to go again. If you choose outside, he withdraws, and
performs a bukkakke. You can continue the rape for as long as you'd like.
When you're done, just select the end option from the list.

V. Story and Walkthrough
This section is broken down into two sections: The main story of revenge, and
the training that happens afterwards. This game has no ending (Well, no normal
ending). After your revenge is complete, you must then break each girl in order
to have them as your slaves forever.
Story Section

-Day One-:

You hide outside of the Kiryuu family home. You overhear a conversation about 
you. It's time to put your plan into action.

The first step of your plan is to capture Manaka.

At the train Station, you must molest Manaka until the train appears. 
You have a few dirty tricks up your sleeve, such as prayers for wind to lift 
her skirt. After the train arrives, you both board it. On the Train, you must 
molest Manaka until her orgasm bar fills. Afterwards, she runs away into the 

Once there, repeatedly rape her. You snap some photographs and threaten to send
them to her mother and sister if she doesn't hide in her room.

-Day Two-:

Manaka follows your instructions and plays sick.

Your next target is mama Yuuko. Once again, your job is to molest her into an
orgasm on the train. She will run away when she gets off the train.
When she reaches the park, her phone rings. It's Manaka. Manaka tells 
her mother that she is in a bush in the park, and that she's hurt. 
Yuuko, worried out of her mind, walks towards the bushes...

At the last moment, Manaka betrays you and shouts, "Mom, run away!",
but it's too late. You have already sneaked up behind her. You knock 
her in the head a few times, and then viciously rape her. You take 
pictures of her after you are done, and Yuuko is handed over to your 
gang of thugs.

Now the path is clear to your main target...

-Day Three-:

Using Manaka again, you have her call Yuuko's job and tell them that she 
is sick. Manaka then tells Aoi that mom is working late. But Aoi is 
nobody's fool. Worried over her sister's wierd behavior these past few 
days, Aoi tries to go home. Preoccupied, she doesn't notice you until 
you have sneaked up on her. Lightly Touching her on the shoulder, you 
show her the photos of Yuuko, tied up and naked. Shocked and scared, 
she can do nothing but follow your instructions.

After molesting her on the train, you get off together with Aoi.
She askes why are you doing something like this, and you ask if she 
remembers you. Suddenly, the whole picture become clear. 

"The pervert from that day!", she screams, and you begin to tell her 
your story, bragging about how you got out of jail just to take your
revenge on her and her family. Warning her what will happen to her 
mother and sister if she refuses your orders, she has no choice but
to obey you.

Getting in a vehicle, you and your thugs take her to a hotel which
your father owns, and it is there that you finally rape her. 
Afterwards, you take photos again. Yuuko and Manaka are brought into
the room via a secret door. With all 3 girls captured, you reveal
your evil plan to make them your sex slaves forever.

Training Section

Also known as "2P Mode". In this option, the player can have sex with any one 
of the three girls. See, now that the girls are prisoners, it is your job to 
'break' them. What does that mean? You may have noticed the boxes underneath 
the girls' pictures. These are the nine categories in which you must train 
them in order to bend them to your will. They are: Shame, Anal, Dirty Talk, 
Oral, Swallowing, Fill, Cum Bath, Exposure Play, and Outdoors. To light these 
boxes, you must perform scenarios until the exact condition are met for each
one. For example, Exposure Play:

going outdoors naked
sexual behavior in public
masturbation at a public restroom
masturbation util urine is released

The main character is in danger of being killed in 2P mode under a certain 
circumstance, but other than that, there are no restrictions.

As each of the girls break, you will get extras.

After breaking Manaka and Yuuko, you will unlock 3p mode, where you can 
have sex with two of the girls at once.

After breaking Aoi, will unlock 4p mode, where you get to play with all three
of them at once. This will also unlock the 'Edit' feature, which is discussed

Here is a quick way to fill each box:

Shame - In Chikan mode, make the girl cum faster than 1:30. Go into 2p mode
and the box will fill.

Anal - Have nothing but Anal sex with each girl for 2 days straight.

Dirty Talk - Ask the girl for vaginal and anal until she begins to ask 
you for sex.

Oral - Have each girl suck your dick until you cum in her face for 5 days.

Swallow - Have each girl suck your dick until you cum in her mouth and have
her swallow it for 3 days.

Fill - Have Anal sex with each girl 5 times and cum inside her ass each time
except the final time.

Cum Bath/Bukkakke - Cum on each girl until her body is completely covered by

Exposure Play -  Have sex in the restroom.

Outdoors - Have sex in the Park area 2 times while the girl is fully nude,
and then make her cum.

In the process of breaking the girls, You may notice that the facial expression
on their picture changes. This has different meanings:

Blushed Face - Period
Eyes Closed - The 'Danger Day' (Can get the girl PREGNANT)
Flat Stomach - Pregnant, but not showing yet
Round Stomach - PREGNANT

While it is fun to have sex with the girls while they are pregnant, make sure
you abort the baby soon if you want to continue playing.

VI. Complete List of Game Modes

After completing the storyline and "breaking" the girls, you will have 
seven modes of gameplay available to you.

Nozoki Mode: 

This is where the player watches the girls as they wait at the subway station, 
and upon saying a prayer, can blow their skirts up with a wind, exposing them. 
After all of the boxes hae been unlocked, you have the option of removing the 
girl's clothing here, as well as inserting vibrators, but no direct touching 
is involved.

Chikan Mode: 

This is where the player goes onto the train with the girl and fondles them.

"2P" mode: 

Described Above.

Shippo ("3P" or "4P" Mode): 

In this mode, the main character is able to have sex with two or all three of
the girls at the same time.

"5P" mode: 

The player is restricted to one sex position, with three other males help
him rape one of the girls in a gangbang. The levels for this mode are
restricted to locations with small space.

Neko-Kappa Mode: 

Not a playable mode, but can be viewed on the Botuplay Extra CD. See Below.

The "Edit" feature:

This is a porno maker. You choose the scenarios that you want your girl(s) in,
and act it out. Great for hours of rape fun.

VII. Endings
There are only two endings in this game, with both of them being bad

Ending #1 - If you fuck Aoi in the Reverse Cowgirl position before you have
broken her, she will pull out a knife and stab you to death. Game Over.

Ending #2 - If you get one of the girls pregnant and neglect to abort the baby
soon enough, the baby mama will push you in front of a train. Game Over.


Where can I get this game?

Japan. Seriously, try play-asia, but stay away from Ebay, Ioffer, ect. as most
of these are bootlegs that the sellers downloaded from the internet. If you
decide to go looking for the game on torrent sites, try to find the release
posted by DeathMarine, and stay away from that .exe installer. Something is
wrong with it, and it doesn't work on a lot of machines. *THIS IS NOT CONDONING
PIRACY*, just a friendly heads-up.

I'm having trouble filling the girl's bars. Am I doing something wrong?

You cannot fill their bars when you first encounter them. After you unlock 2P 
mode, you can raise her bar simply by molesting her, or having sex with her.

Can I unlock boxes during the story mode?

Yes, you can unlock boxes then.

Can I unlock more than one of the boxes at a time?

No, you can only unlock one box at a time.

What does the girls' picture mean when it shows her blushing with her eyes 

This means that you have unlocked a new box, and are closer to 'breaking' 
that girl.

How do I ger a girl pregnant?

When a girls picture shows her face with her eyes closed, it means she is on a 
"dangerous day". Meaning, if you cum inside of her she may get pregnant.

How do I make sure the girls don't get pregnant?

To make sure she doesn't get pregnant, either stick to cumming outside when 
she is in this state, or just avoid an H Scene altogether. 
No worries though, if you do get her pregnant, you can simply abort the baby.

Can you get a girl pregnant while cumming inside of her ass/Cumming
inside her while she's on her period?


What is BotuPlay?

BotuPlay is a RapeLay extras disc. It is a collection of scenes that, 
according to Illusion, "couldn't have been put into RapeLay". 
It's a bunch of weird shit, and none of the scenes are interactive. 
You can find it online easily if you want it.

IX. Locations Authorized to Display This FAQ

http://www.text-heaven.com/faqs.html - The original home of my FAQs

Gamefaqs.com - http://www.gamefaqs.com

Neoseeker - http://www.neoseeker.com/

DLH - http://dlh.net/
Supercheats - http://www.supercheats.com/

Justin's Website - http://ircanime.cjb.net/

If you want to display this FAQ on your website E-mail me at:


X. Contact Information

http://www.myspace.com/ Display Name Milkywhitefaerie

AIM: Yusakuchan3, ToxicPuffyLips, MuunDreamerJem
Yahoo: Queenetteashley, Milkfaerie, MuunDreamerJem
MSN: Yusakuchan


/msg YuSaKu or /msg K0S-M0S

Text Message: 

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