[edit] Background

The Omen began 18 years ago in Asia. This was where the day became night. Total darkness enveloped the land. All was calm and peaceful until the stars started to fall. Never before has the sky so littered with falling stars. The land just watched and waited.

16 years after the eclipse, a new power emerged throughout the land. The government and the people tremble to this entity's influence and will. It was called, Sacred Financial Group, an organization surrounded by wealth and power yet clouded in a shroud of myth and mystery. What is known about this organization is that four unique institutions were founded and funded by this group. The institution names were as mysterious as their founding organization. One was called Sacred Gate; the second was named Mystic Peak, the third Phoenix and last was named Leonine Campus.

The initial outlook of these institutions is like any renowned sports institution in the land. Potential students have to go through stringent assessments and only top athletes are selected. Its only when students start attending the schools, they find that things are very different.

The four institutions were built with strange architecture and structures. From an initial glance, one could almost feel that the four institutions were arcane in nature. What is even more mysterious, the institutions do not follow any conventional syllabus. Many strange events and practices made new students very uncomfortable. They were initially confused and bewildered. Strange and unconventional as the syllabus might be, it is, however, very difficult and both taxing on the mind and body. Students will adapt and fall into the school's routine. Rumors are abound that the students in these institutions are trained in conventional and non conventional combat skill, some techniques even beyond those used by the military.

So far, things are calm and peaceful. But somewhere deep inside the four institutions there is an unspeakable force that lies dormant, waiting and biding its time. Uncertainty, Fear, Anxiety are in everyone's heart… but on the other hand, they feel excited about the destruction, and long to destroy… the evil self that was hidden in their deep souls…As for the four institutions, each student just trains and waits…

[edit] Features

  • Based On The Japanese Campus Style Background

The entire road feature in-game are based on the actual measurements and props in real life, therefore it gives you virtual reality feeling!

  • Various Avatar Styles

Currently, there are three campuses in this game, each campus sells clothing of different levels with the basic uniforms from all three campuses and all the exclusive clothing from different societies. All added up will come up to over a hundred types.

  • Multiple Types of Missions

Players can experience over hundreds of different missions. When a mission accomplished, players might get the tools or weapons that fits his/her level, or can even gain the XP and gold coins. Meanwhile, players can have a better understanding in maps and game play by carrying out missions.

  • Stunning Skill Interface
  • Multiple Types of Chatting System

The Chat Function is divided into: Normal, Team, Group and Speaker… with different kinds of frequencies. Players can choose whichever option they prefer.

  • Activate "Combat Mode" Duel

Using Duel is a fundamental and must be agreeable by both parties. Players can fight with each other in the PVP mode and it will not affect the development of characters.

  • The Challenge For The Highest Level 200

Meanwhile, the highest level in this game is up to Level 200 that allows players to challenge high levels characters.

  • Multiple Weapons (Guarding Tools) Attributes Upgrade

Abrasive Potion can be used to increase the attack power and defense power of the weapons and guarding tools, the level of damage to the opponent may vary.

  • Opening of Personal Trading Shop

There is a function added where players can set up their own shop, which allows players to sell their equipment they have, while practicing.

  • Various Attributes Upgrade

In the game, it doesn't matter if it is weapons or guarding tools, it will contain the Fire, Ice, Thunder and Poison…(types of elements). The elements in the weapons will cause the related damage during attacks, and guarding tools being upgraded by the Abrasive Potion will also increase its defense power against these elements.

[edit] Hardware Requirements

CPU Pentium III 500 MHz or above
128 MBs of RAM
Geforce2 MX 16MB or better video card
400 MBs of HDD space
DirectX 8.1 or above
56k Modem or better internet connection
Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP Operating System

Recommended Requirements: CPU PentiumIII 1GHz
256 MBs of RAM
Geforce2 GTS 32MB video card
Broadband(ADSL) internet connection

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