Rampage 2: Universal Tour (N64) Cheats

Rampage 2: Universal Tour cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64.

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Rampage 2: Universal Tour Cheats

Unlock Cheat Option
Enter "BVGGY" as a password to unlock a "Cheats" selection on the options menu.

Bonus Characters
Enter any of the following passwords to unlock the bonus character:

Alternate MyukusB1G4L
Noob MyukusSRY3D
Big Al the CyclopsB1G4L
Green CyclopsN0T3T


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Ruby's special move tip
Ruby's special move (Lobster Can Opener) can be used from the top of a building so that Ruby can glide down the building, causing major damage to the building. This is best used on buildings with a foundation (you have to smash it twice, like the one's in the bonus round). Note: You can't do this in Bonus Rounds because you have no power energy.
Tip on crushing buildings with foundations
Having trouble crushing buildings with foundations (The white building that appears when you crush a really tall building)? Just stomp (Jump + Down when you are on the building's roof) the building, and the foundation won't appear when the building crumbles.


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G0T3T-All Hidden Characters
B1G4L-Play as an alternate alien
SM14N-Access George
S4VRS-Access Lizzy
N0T3T-Access Myukus, that is a zero and not the letter O.
LVPVS-Access Ralph

Creature's rampages
Curtis: His teeth eat anything along the ground.
Ruby: Spins around violently, can glide down buildings.
Boris: Runs forward and crushes one building instantly.
George: Giant stomp. Causes damage to a lot of buildings when used on the ground, and instantly crushes a building when used on top of a building Lizzie: 3 Fireballs that cause a lot of damage to buildings.
Ralph: He howls, causing damage to everything on the screen Myukus: Shoot his cycloptic eyeball, and it causes damage to everything on the screen.