Rampage: Total Destruction review
Time to Destroy Some Buildings, Wii Style

The good:

Lots of characters to choose from
Decent graphics

The bad:

gets repetative
bad motion controls


The classic arcade game based on destroying buildings is back! Rampage itself has gone through a number of face lifts, and now it has hit the third dimension!

The basic game play elements are the same: destroy buildings to advance to the next level, eat food and people to gain health, smash vehicles. I will be honest, when I got the game I was hoping that it was going to be a free roam game, where you just go nuts. Eh, that wasn't really the case. You have the same Rampage block style format where you are stuck on one street until you destroy all of the buildings. The only difference is that instead of just moving left and right, you can move in all directions. You can now climb the front of buildings. You are scored on how much destruction you cause. You get more points the more combos you make. There are several ways to take down buildings, but I think it is more of a personal preference on how to go about it.

The controls are a big drawback in the Wii version. You can play with the nunchuck and wiimote, or the wiimote alone. This is based on the nunchuck use. The "C" and "Z" buttons serve no purpose. The "A" button attacks and the "B" button jumps. Simple right? Well, it's simple up to the motion controls. The motion recognition is awful. In order to pick something up, you have to "swing" the wiimote to the left or right. To smash the ground (or kick a building if you are on a building), you need to "flick" the wiimote downwards. Unfortunatly, it has very poor motion recognition. In order to smash something, you basically have to "flick" the wiimote like you want to club someone to death with it. "Swinging" requires the same force. It is also difficult to aim a down attack (pressing down on the control stick and attacking). Since your character will start walking towards the screen, when you try to kick something on the ground, you need to be on the side of it, not in front or behind because of how hard it is to aim the attack.

There are four gameplay modes. Campaign is the main game, and the only one worth playing in the long run. Two people can play at once. There are also King of the City and King of the World. Both are multiplayer for up to four players. In King of the City, you have to cause the most destruction to X number of cities to win a competition. King of the World is the same as City except you have to beat the most levels. There is a time attack mode where you try to beat a level in the time limit (obviously). The time remaining is carried over to the next block and you also get some extra time as well.

The music of the game is extremely repetitive. I think there are maybe at most four different tracks, at least, that's what it seems like to me. However, I think the music is pretty catchy. It has a 70's punk rock vibe to it. I swear the title screen music sounds like "Blitzkreig Bop".

There are 40 characters to choose from, just not all from the start. You can unlock new monsters by finding them hidden in buildings while playing as a certain character, or by completing other tasks. Each monster has different stats ranked on their jumping ability, strength and speed. Each monster can earn the same five upgrades.

In each block you have to destroy, you also have the option of completing a bonus challenge. You will be rewarded 5000 extra points for completing it. You can also earn upgrades for your monsters by completing a challenge, which seems to happen at random (you need to pick up the power-up yourself after it appears).

The graphics are nothing spectacular, in fact, they are identical to the gamecube version.

The game also includes the original arcade game and world tour for you to play.

Overall, while the $20 dollar price tag is worth it, the game is good in short bursts. This is not a game that you will want to spend hours at a time playing, but if you need something to play to kill a little bit of time this game is perfect. Just a warning, if you are not already a fan of Rampage, I would rent this game first before buying it. If you are a fan of Rampage, then go ahead and get it!

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